Isak supporters appeal Khango to revoke expulsion order

Dimapur, September 15 (MExN): The internal bickering in the NSCN/GPRN-K deepened on Tuesday with yet another press statement from a group of 34 signatories claiming to represent the “required quorum of the council of kilonsers, the military wing and the entire functional regional authorities, with the exception of Konyak region.”

In the statement, the signatories termed the expulsion of the NSCN/GPRN-K General Secretary Isak Sumi as “extremely dictatorial and unilateral since the decision was taken without following protocol or serving show-cause notice.” Isak Sumi is also the group’s representative and co-convenor to the Working Committee, Naga National Political Groups.

“There was also no prior consultation or deliberation among the council of Kilonsers, Tatars (CCM’s), the general party workers including the regional authorities and the military set-up as is the usual procedure as demanded of any such major issues,” the statement read.

As such, the signatories contended that the decision was “not only against the spirit of the Constitution (Yehzabo) but also null and void,” and appealed to the President Khango Konyak to “revoke the illegal and unconstitutional expulsion order so as to avoid any misunderstanding or disunity within the NSCN (K).”

Further, it suggested that the President convene a general party session to discuss and decide the issue, as “such unilateral decision would only cause irreparable rift and embarrassment before the entire world and the Nagas.”

It is also termed as irrelevant and baseless the allegation against Sumi of violating Article 18 and Article 23. 

It urged the President “to honour the covenant between the NNPGs with regard to the anti-defection agreement signed and reaffirmed four times, at this crucial juncture when a political solution is finally being anticipated.”

“Our popularly-elected General Secretary and Co-Convenor of the WC, NNPGs is the legitimate leader and he enjoys the confidence and support of more than eighty of our workers and the status quo must be maintained until such time the issue is amicably resolved with the popular/majority decision,” the statement read.

Further stating that the ‘open threat/intimidation’ to the General Secretary to vacate the CFSB office, Dimapur was “totally unwarranted and would only prove counterproductive to our reconciliation efforts,” it urged all concerned parties “not to vitiate the present atmosphere and refrain from making provocative statements or any libelous comments against each other but to focus on reconciling in the greater interest of the Naga political solution.”