Man credits Apple Watch fall detection for saving his life

IANS Photo

IANS Photo

San Francisco, June 28 (IANS): A man has credited Apple Watch's fall detection feature for saving his life by calling emergency services and his wife.

Last week, Alexander Laserson fell from a ladder and hit his head, and his Apple Watch Series 8 called emergency services and his wife as the fall detection kicked in, reports AppleInsider.

He was unable to respond to the fall detection alarm, which after about a minute alerts emergency contacts and calls emergency services. "His wife discovered him shortly after and was able to talk to emergency responders via the Apple Watch," the report said.

He was then transported in an ambulance to the emergency room and got seven stitches. Laserson expressed gratitude to Apple for developing the technology that responded to his fall so quickly.

"Without the Apple Watch, it is possible I would be dead by now," Laserson said. "The technology works," he added. Apple Watch has saved lives before and sometimes surprises its wearers by detecting problems they are unaware of.

Earlier, a US man had been rescued by the Summerfield Fire Department before he even knew his Watch could send an emergency message. He had fallen hard in his driveway, breaking his nose and passing out. When he didn't respond to his Apple Watch, it automatically called 911.