Mass weddings need to be encouraged in Naga society

I had in mind to blog on this topic, but now that it’s on the news, it makes my job easier.
“Mass weddings are a sign of good society” endorsed the Grand Mufti (the highest religious official) of Saudi Arabia while attending the mass wedding of 300 couples sponsored by the Saudi Government earlier this year. Their main motive for organizing mass weddings is to reduce the costs incurred by the couples as well as encourage young people to get married so that crime is reduced. The Saudi Govt. believes that a proper marriage will make young people more disciplined.
Well, my point is – if Muslims, who are considered to be very strict when it comes to religious matters, can be flexible when it comes to Mass weddings, can the more liberal Christians follow suit?
I have come across many couples who have started families without proper weddings. In many such cases, couples simply can’t afford to organize a proper ‘Naga wedding’. They don’t want to put financial pressure on their parents…and their folks quietly agree.
No wonder, the concept of ‘Home marriage’ rather than ‘Church marriage’ is becoming quite acceptable these days.
Now just give this a thought – why should a couple not have church marriage just because they can’t afford it. Can’t our churches make weddings a much simpler and a less costly affair?
In this regard, the Dimapur Ao Baptist Arogo (DABA) needs to be congratulated for their ‘Mass wedding’ concept. This initiative will give many couples the opportunity to have a proper wedding which they always dreamt of.
“The church programme, decorations and refreshment were all sponsored by DABA” read some news reports. This is impressive but may not be applicable to many churches. If other churches wish to organize mass weddings, may be the couples can contribute and share the expenses.
Many people have pointed out that the gap between ‘the haves’ and ‘the have nots’ is ever increasing in Naga society. This gap refers not only to the difference in wealth but also to the difference in social status attributed to wealth.
Many ‘have nots’ wish to emulate the lifestyle of ‘the haves’ and resort to unlawful means to amass their wealth.
If ‘the haves’ promote the idea of mass wedding, they will set a good example. Mass wedding is a good concept which can help make the gap smaller.

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