Nagaland: Where would we be without them? Citizens salute doctors

Doctors and other health workers praying in a hospital premises somewhere in Nagaland. (Photo Courtesy: Twitter)
Doctors and other health workers praying in a hospital premises somewhere in Nagaland. (Photo Courtesy: Twitter)

On National Doctor's Day, The Morung Express talks with some citizens about the invaluable service and contribution made by doctors and health workers, especially during current crisis 


Vishü Rita Krocha

Kohima | July 1

Since our conception they have been part of our lives as they will, until our last breath. “Doctors. Where would we be without them?” Ruth Sasü asks even as she points out that their passion and dedication to help, heal and save lives in itself is something unthinkable for her.

“Patience. Concern. Resolve. Positivity. Calm demeanor. How do they keep it all together? We can rest assured that we will always be cared for in the best ways possible and be able to lead strong and healthy lives so long as there are doctors in this world. I am truly grateful to them all”, she stated on the occasion of National Doctors’ Day.

The day is annually observed in India on July 1, in honour of the physician, educationist, philanthropist, freedom fighter and politician, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy.

For Kevithito Rose, EAC, currently based out of Tuensang, “every doctor is somebody very personal to you because you are putting your life in their hands.” 


Re-appreciating doctors’ services 

In this time of COVID-19 crisis with their roles coming out even more pronounced, he says, “we are once again realising and appreciating the value of doctors in our lives” while enunciating that before everything comes health, and that without health, there is no system in place.

Impressing upon that it is very unfortunate that despite the government efforts during this COVID-19 crisis, health system is not very developed, he however puts across his appreciation for the doctors in Tuensang, who are working despite all these limitations. 

“They are putting their lives in the front”, he expresses while voicing out that “every patient that they treat, God forbid, may be their last patient.” “It is the most noble profession despite all the challenges, and doctors are the most respectable people in the society”, he adds.

“As doctors and frontline workers, we will do our best to contain the virus within the quarantine centres. We don’t want to be the ones to spread the virus.” Ayieno Kechü recalls how a doctor friend responded to her message when Nagaland state started reporting the first few cases of COVID-19.  

“When doctors fall sick, there is no one to take care of them, and this made me see things from a different perspective—they have to take care of themselves, they can’t depend on their family”, she puts across. 

Articulating that “I am very grateful to them for all the sacrifices they are making”, she further relates that, “I know doctors who haven’t seen their families for months and most likely won’t this year, especially those posted in interior districts. And they do have their inconveniences considering the medical infrastructure in the state but they are putting in their best and I am really grateful for their sacrifices.”

Not only in this time, but at all times

“As mothers, we try to do everything possible but without doctors, I don’t know if we can ever bring up our kids”, Abokali Jimomi, mother of two children says while referring to the pediatrician(s) she is associated with. Stating that doctors are the most crucial people in their lives, she states, “more than us, when our kids are sick, we are more distraught and worried. I’ve had experience where we can call them in the middle of the night, and they would still be willing to see them.”

“Our doctors have been really understanding, and they are our own people, who have gone out of their way, and that’s something that should be truly appreciated. They have been really supportive, listen to all our issues, when kids fall ill”, she gratefully puts across.

“Big thanks to doctors, without them, it’s not possible to combat this kind of crisis”, she further expresses while pointing to the global pandemic and reiterating that “doctors are selfless. They sometimes forcibly become sacrificial, but I really appreciate all the doctors, not only in this time of the pandemic, but at all times. We cannot do without them.”

Even for delivery, without them, what would we (mothers) do? she also adds.