Padukone’s 82°E joins 'Beauty Without Bunnies' campaign


Following the successful launch of global icon Deepika Padukone's self-care brand 82°E, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India announces that 82°E's skincare line has been certified by the “Beauty Without Bunnies” programme run by PETA US.

“At 82°E, we take pride in demonstrating our support and proudly displaying our compliance with PETA's guidelines. We will continue to remain committed to the cause,” says Padukone.

“Thanks to Deepika Padukone's commitment, everyone can shop her new skincare line knowing that no animal was hurt to make the products,” says PETA India Manager of Fashion, Media, and Celebrity Projects Monica Chopra. “PETA India is celebrating 82°E for making its skincare products cruelty-free from the get-go.”

A single test for a cosmetics ingredient can use over 1,000 animals. That's why thousands of companies around the world have banned the use of animals in favour of modern, non-animal methods for testing their products, thereby sparing animals suffering in painful tests in which substances would be dripped into their eyes, smeared onto their shaved skin, sprayed in their faces, or forced down their throats. Because of the vast physiological differences between humans and the animals used in these tests, the results are often misleading.

The “Beauty Without Bunnies” certification programme helps inform consumers which companies refuse to test on animals anywhere in the world.