Sea phase of 'Tiger Triumph' exercise commences with Indian and US forces

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IANS Photo

New Delhi, March 27 (IANS): The sea phase of the 'Tiger Triumph 2024' exercise commenced with ships of the Indian Navy and the US Navy sailing out together.

According to the Indian Navy, this phase will witness service personnel from both countries going through various facets of amphibious operations, including coordinated Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) and MEDEVAC.

Tiger Triumph 2024 is a bilateral, tri-service exercise between India and the US, which is being held from March 18-31.

The Ministry of Defence said that the participating units from the Indian Navy include a landing platform dock, landing ship tanks, their integral landing crafts and helicopters, a guided missile frigate, and long-range maritime reconnaissance aircraft.

The Indian side is represented by one infantry battalion group, including mechanised forces.

The Indian Air Force has deployed medium lift aircraft, transport helicopters, and a Rapid Action Medical Team (RAMT) for the exercise. Additionally, the Special Operation Forces from all three services are also participating in the exercise, an official said.

The US Task Force comprised of a US Navy landing platform dock, including its integral landing craft air cushions and helicopters, a destroyer, maritime reconnaissance and medium lift aircraft, as well as US Marines.

The exercise represents the robust strategic partnership between both countries and aims to share best practices and standard operating procedures in undertaking multinational HADR operations.

The MoD said that sports engagements are also scheduled to further enhance camaraderie between the participating armed forces personnel of both nations.

It included units of both countries setting up a joint command and control centre and a joint relief and medical camp.