Stop exploitation of Earth: Greens SONS

Dimapur, April 9 (MExN): The Green Succession of Nagaland State (Greens SONS), while reiterating its effort to sensitize fellowmen, calls for a halt to exploitation of Mother Earth for the sake of ‘Future Generations’ who otherwise will be left with ‘Barren Earth’. The organization stated that the International Union for Conservation of Nature reported the loss of 40% of all organisms on the surface of the Earth and ascribed the reasons to various factors which are consequent of human activities in one form or other.
A press note issued by Ashok Kumar, assistant general secretary, Green SONS, Dimapur stated that today, there are great many species of flora and fauna at the verge of near or total extinction, and said “If mankind continues to ignore the importance of co-existence with other species of life, particularly animals in the wild, and continue to destroy their habitats and deprive them of their other necessities for survival, he will not only be deprived of the benefits from such co-existence, but remain irreparably sorry for eternity.”
The note further said that Man, in his quest for prosperity, progress and happiness is selectively ignorant of the fact that Mother Earth is the only planet known to him today that supports any form of ‘life’. The unabated exploitation of this ‘lone home’ of all forms of life is alarming and deplorable. In our greed for space and short term gains of pleasure, fun and advancement of materialistic achievement, we forget the fact that it is important to adhere to the basic principle of life taught by nature herself “Live and let Live”.
‘Green SONS’ Nagaland calls for immediate and effective halt to all forms of activities destructive, directly or indirectly, to the natural habitats of wild animals in particular. Every individual should voluntarily quit activities and law enforcing agencies should be stringent in implementation of preservation laws. The organization calls on fellowmen to immediately stop rampant deforestation for any purpose, and stop hunting or any other methods of killing animals and birds for whatever the motive. A clarion call is herby given to all persons of status and fame to positively help in this endeavour to preserve ecological balance on Mother Earth by using their influence and positions to disseminate this clarion call, and on their part to refrain from accepting as gifts, animals and birds, whole or in part.

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