The Naga Political Process

Forum for Naga Reconciliation 
History is alive! Naga history has always withstood the test of times and this has baffled activists and insiders alike for obvious reasons. Once again, the Naga history is roused and bringing to life from what has been seemingly “neutralized.” Our history, as with other histories, is a being on which transformative changes take place. 

In the recent past, with the event of “Nurturing Naga Peoplehood:  Liberating the Naga Spirit,” held from February 16 to 18, 2024, at Kutsapo, Nagaland, the Naga political groups (NPGs), civil society organizations, churches, prayer centers and citizens from across Naga areas converged with a renewed spirit of imagining the Naga future. This was strengthened by subsequent meetings of the NPGs and the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) at Kohima, on March 2, 2024, followed by Dimapur, March 6, 2024 and the latest meeting in Dimapur, Saturday, April 13, 2024. These meetings were both critical reflections coupled with constructive appraisals of the Journey of Common Hope. 

A part of the constructive Journey of Common Hope is the practice of Naga sovereignty without impinging anyone. The Naga identity is not without a boundary as all identities imply a boundary. We affirm that Naga identity is permeable. In consonant,

1.    The meetings of March 6 and April 13, 2024, have resolved to legally adopt Naga National Anthem, written and composed by late Mr. R. Kevichusa, IAS. In this connection, the resolution adds that “. . . NPGs, institutions of learning, Naga civil bodies and all other organizations sing the Naga National Anthem on important occasions.” This shall become effective with the publication of the news item. 

2.    In the meeting of April 13, 2024, of the NPGs and the FNR, it was agreed that May 16 being the Naga Plebiscite Day, will be marked by a special program “organized by the FNR with the support of NPGs and other Naga bodies, on May 16, 2024, at Dimapur, to commemorate the Naga common political history and move forward without delay.” 

    It may be added that the FNR and the NPGs request individuals, institutions and organizations across Naga areas to attend and show solidarity. 

3.    April 13, 2024, meeting also took serious cognizance of FNR’s resolution that stated, “We (NPGs) have understood and affirmed the importance of working out the Naga political process through cooperation as agreed in the ‘September Joint Accordant’ September 14, 2022.”

4.    The meeting also reminded the NPGs to once again, honor the “Covenant of Reconciliation” signed on June 13, 2009, by the highest level leaderships, in toto.

Sporadic unpleasant happenings in the Naga context have been assessed in seriousness. The Kutsapo gathering has become a historical moment for our repentance and seeking forgiveness of sins of omission and commission. Without a doubt, it also has become the ground for renewal of faith and recommitment to God and to our fellow brothers and sisters. “No matter how difficult it has been, today we confess of our personal and collective pride and hate before God and our people and seeks forgiveness from God and our people.” 

FNR believes that seeking forgiveness has transformative power (a real changing character). It is the strength empowered in the weak. We appeal to all the inhabitants of the Naga-Land to render your solidarity across ethnic and religious affiliation. Giving a chance to the future is our common hope.