The Nagas farming illegal immigrants in Nagaland

Of late there has been a chaotic media gun fight regarding the illegal immigrants in Nagaland. And the tone is divided between the disrespected Nagas and the so-called respected Nagas.

 (The respected ones are the land owners, building owners, kheti owners, here mostly the rich Nagas, whom they address as DADA, KOKAI etc etc.

The disrespected lot are the young Entrepreneurs, students, common man, mostly poor Nagas trying to make a living.)
Now let's go back to the headlines- THE NAGAS FARMING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in NAGALAND.

Here let me not be biased to any, whether poor or rich, whether you belong to this tribe or that tribe, the LAND belongs to Nagas. And we can never part with it.


Now let’s come to sheltering, renting and business and the biased attitude of the Nagas.

No new building is affordable for Naga entrepreneurs to get rent, the deposit is in terms of lakhs which most of our Naga brothers and sisters can't afford.

Even if you can afford one the next question is if you are a Naga then, first preference to outsiders.

So this new building is up for grabs to the more elite rich outsiders and this new building is gone.

Next come to our kheti, we give them farm land to cultivate and stay and give concession for staying in our land for free.
All the open land is given to these immigrants.

Business run by outsiders is one place to go and bargain like a joke, give multiple comments and say whatever your heart wants to and this immigrants will say Dada, kokai apuni Khan toh thakha manu, immediately ego boost.

Pays what he ask and leave smiling.

Now let's come to the ground reality.

Our Nagas are jobless.

Our Nagas cannot do business.

Our Nagas are lazy.

Our Nagas are this that etc etc.

When the shop is not available to our Nagas!

When business is not promoted by us!

When entrepreneurs are not welcomed!

When job is not given to our people!

What do we expect our brothers and sisters to do?

Large chunks will go land a mediocre job in big cities.

And the rest will roam around jobless and this free time will give in to drugs and sex hunters.

Now tell me who is to blame?

When we are busy farming the illegal immigrants, lobbying them, sheltering them, and supporting them, our own people are dying off slowly.

If this is not farming the illegal immigrants than let's pray one more time and start from our roots.

If we don't accommodate our own blood, one day, a time will come , not far, when you have no say over your right and the illegal immigrants will take over your land.

Today you benefited from high deposit, high rent from your buildings, lands and what not from these illegal immigrants.

Tomorrow your children will have nothing to eat and your daughter's will be left with no option but to marry an illegal immigrant and take away the land that you so dearly called NAGALAND.

Now tell me who is farming the illegal immigrants in Nagaland?