‘Understanding the ailing Naga generation’

(Response to Reverend Seksim Kasar, General Secretary, CNC from WC, NNPGS signatories)

We thank you for your advice to us and our supposed advisors, while responding to our statement, “UNDERSTANDING THE AILING NAGA GENERATION” published on 26th June 2023.

You are prefixed with the title 'REVEREND' to your name. Irrespective of who conferred it, in the eyes of sinners like us, that is no mean achievement. It is a very special Identity card in that, you identify yourself and to your fellow man as a bonafide servant of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Prince of peace. We believe you are called and chiselled to exhibit utmost patience through faith, overcome temptations of all kinds and stand firm whether provoked, taunted, jeered or snarled at. You chose to preach the Gospel of Christ to harbour peace, promote peace among man. What are you saying?

Your caption suggests that you wear a shimmering all-knowing garment on the outside, but inwardly you are an enraged, unforgiving, confused and discourteous little man, desirous of name and fame. Vanity!

The very first paragraph is clear to us that your mind and spirit abandoned you as you surrendered meekly to that ego-induced anger in you. It seized and controlled your heart and flesh instantly. You became too judgemental, accusing us, the statement's signatories of being uneducated, fraudsters, digital thieves and hiring others to write on our behalf. Please know that you are a respected Reverend and not a xerox machine operator. You have collected some choicest sentences, phrases and words to describe us. “Filthy narrative”, “sinister design”, “Alzheimer's disease”, “playing with fire”, “dead man”, “scum”, “burnt finger”, “laughing stock” and many others. To us these groups of phrases and words suggest a painfully deficient man struggling mentally and spiritually. Ensure that you are not consumed by an inferno inside your head, all fired up to extract a pound of flesh. It exposes you, not us. Your negative thought process is a fundamental flaw as servant of Almighty God.

Thank you for reminding us about the ‘JOINT ACCORDANT’ and ‘NAGA RELATIONSHIP AND CO-ORDINATION’. Please go through all FNR co-ordinated meetings, covenants and declarations beginning from 2009, and enlighten us on who fiddled with the sentiment of the Naga people all these years. The contents of the Joint declaration of 14th January 2023, between WC, NNPGs and NSCN (IM) under the aegis of FNR, agreeing to “unconditionally collaborate”.  But before the ink was dry your MIP issued a statement on 19th January, 2023, nullifying and rejecting the document signed by your very own President Q Tuccu. You might justify but God in Heaven is the witness and FNR had the event well covered and hopefully they will educate you. We expected the FNR to explain to us why a declaration signed by N Kitovi Zhimomi, Ato Kilonser, GPRN/NSCN &  Convener WC, NNPGs, and Q Tuccu, President and Chairman NSCN (IM), had to be thrown into the trash bin.

Rev Seksim, you ought to be a divided society's conscience keeper, a healer of physical and psychological scars, a balm giver to us and to your own leaders yet, You accuse us as foot soldiers of the Indian agencies and being used by some mentor. We will not flash our educational degrees to you but we assure you that we are educated enough to stay committed to the Naga cause. We have sufficient knowledge and understanding of our history and our political environment. Please know that we are not guarded 24 hrs by Indian Z+ security. 

We do not stay in MP's designated Bungalow in Delhi either. Who has swallowed the Indian bait? Please focus on the Gospel of Christ and the Church. Desist from employing vitriolic imagination.

We are senior Naga National Workers and father figures too, to thousands of Naga patriots. Every statement that is issued by WC, NNPGs is minutely scrutinized, analysed and approved for publication. 

WC, NNPGs have one noble rule: Transparency! You are well aware that when you represent a Nation, Naga Nation in this case, at a negotiating table, you go back to the people and explain to the very people you represent. You have to lay bare all political matters before the people. Nagas cannot be blindfolded and be forced to chew and swallow any political document signed by either WC, NNPGs or NSCN (IM). We assure you that we are not Indian agents or being used by anyone. If such was the case, WC would not have come this far.

We agree with you on the history of how God mightily used the American Baptist Missionaries go to the land of the Nagas in the 19th Century. “NAGA HILLS FOR CHRIST” it was and later “NAGALAND FOR CHRIST” please be careful when you use the word “NAGALIM” because nobody uses it outside your camp. You would be called a liar. NAGALIM was not used even in your FA of 2015. American missionaries back then, never used that word for our land. It was “NAGALAND” and will always remain so.

We express our appreciation to you for inviting us in helping out the suffering people of Manipur from different ethnic backgrounds. We are doing and will continue to do our bit with whatever little and humble assistance we could for our neighbours. We assure our prayer support too as there is an evil policy at work but in the final analysis, the will of God will prevail.

God bless Nagaland!

N Kitovi Zhimomi, Ato Kilonser, GPRN/NSCN, Co-Convener WC, NNPGs

Zhopra Vero, Kedallo, NNC/FGN, Co-Convener WC, NNPGs

Toshi Walling Ato Kilonser, NNC Parent Body, Co-Convener WC, NNPGs

Wangtin Naga, President, NSCN/GPRN-R, Co-Convener WC, NNPGs

Kiumukam Yimchunger, President, NNC/GDRN, Co-Convener WC, NNPGs

Isak Sumi, Ato Kilonser, NSCN/GPRN-(Isak-Luyanba), Co-Convener WC, NNPGs

Shitoho Chophy Ato Kilonser, NNC/NPGN, Co-Convener WC, NNPGs

P Tikhak, Ato Kilonser, NSCN/GPRN-R, Member WC, NNPGs

Sinthuingam Kamei, Chairman ZUF, Member WC, NNPGs