We can establish a righteous govt

I am just a simple and honest saved Christian Reformer called by the grace o God. I grew on criticism and difficulties. I have met, discussed and interacted as well as exchanged views and vision with almost all the former and present leaders (both the church and state and national workers) of Nagaland for the establishment of a unique and righteous Government in Naga soil.
With the unceasing inspiration of the Holy Ghost fire, may I continue to draw the sincere attention of the Christians to the cause of “Nagaland for Christ”.
That, if we really want our land a prosperous and flourishing then we must first choose what is pleasing to God. We must take care of the pathetic condition of the innocent common people. We must always guard our heart. We must not be the one who do not eradicate the “old practices of corruption and tribalism”. We must understand that outward decorations don’t last long. We must know that the truths of leadership are deep and high but not complicated.
Christian leaders should not be just like the Christmas trees with stars and twinkling lights for a season. Leaders are called to bring forth real and abiding fruits. This is not possible without caring the roots. If the trees are firm and deep rooted, the branches will be healthy. Our hearts are the roots. That’s why we are admonished to keep a vigil over the heart. For every failure in life, there is a root cause. Healing and reformation do not come unless the axe is laid on the root. The process may be difficult and painful but it is how we can bring about change in the system of Govt. machineries as well as the civil administration. Change of Politics is also a process.
As Christian, we ought to follow the Bible. And according to the bible, the love of money is the root cause of all evils. Unless this monster is dealt with, it will show its ugly head in so many areas of our leadership. The conscience of a true leader must be trained to love what’s right with perfect love and hate what’s wrong with complete hatred. Its always easier to love good than to hate evil. If we choose the easier one and ignore the other, we will become popular with men but won’t please God. If we love good and hate evil equally, we will earn the smile of God as well as the frown of the devil.
When we keep our conscience clear and have the courage to call “Black is Black” and “white is white”, the prosperity and flourishment shall surely decent upon the people as an outcome of our clean leadership. To establish a righteous Government, leaders must well developed and well versed with a great sense of purpose and direction.
In order to establish a unique and righteous government in Nagaland, every true Christian leader ought to be more determined and should arouse the spirit of the mass to protect against the prevailing evil and admonishing and correcting the people with a simple truth based on the bible.
Selfishness, greed, jealousy, arrogance, prejudice, cheating, defection from false to the wrong (not from false to true), immoralities and suspicion to one another has defaced human values as well as the cheerfulness of Nagaland. When the character of the person change only then the wrong practices/system will automatically changed. One should not interpret “Justice or freedom” into one’s own convenience. Weak and minority people’s idea, objections and achievements are not taken note of. People remain voiceless and the powerful and criminals indulge in the embezzlement of public properties/wealth in the midst of their voicelessness. Such is the plight of the people. The cries are not being heard authentically and consequently life goes on as usual. But I am sure, the Bible affirms of the God who makes and response to the cry of the people.
We have seen, and also we can see how our God can do wonders. Changing into wine or wood into gold is all within the compass of his power. He changed the water into wine, because of the need of the people. He will also do for us. We only have to trust and obey Him putting our faith into action. We know very well that in case of Nagaland, only Godly people can revolutionize it. Unrighteous people can only spoil but righteous can abolish unrighteous.
Nagaland finds itself in an exceeding complicated situation. It is experiencing pain of giving birth to a new historical era of varieties of “ceasefire agreement”.  Powerful people take advantage of the silence of the public with ignorance; also majority is the weapons of their political mileage. Everybody should understand that the meaning of “justice and truth” is the expression of conformity to God’s will in all areas of life, law, government, covenant, ethical integrity or gracious actions. It is not easy to establish a righteous government as long as supremacy, superiority and inferiority conflicts remain in the house of leadership. An individual community and undivided heart must take the stand against any kind of injustices and wrong powers.
God helping us, true fellow citizens should stand against injustices and remain faithful to the gospel of “Truth and Justice” whatever be the cost. History of people in the past and present makes the evident.
When the government and the political environment is not honest, how come, one can find that the people are honest, law abiding and helpful. When the lawmakers, administration and the leaders becomes cheaters, law breakers, definitely honest citizens becomes cheats, crooks, thieves, irresponsible and thereby culminating a fertile ground of corruption and terrorism. When the political leaders and the government machineries become bankrupt, automatically the citizens become terrorists and blood thirsty for their stomach.
The world knows that the policies are good when they are our guides but bad when they become our chains. Today it has become very difficult to detect what is original and what is duplicate or what is right or wrong and also what is flesh or what is spirit? But to the just people (Godly people) thank God, nothing is hidden.
Now the question is – Do we really need and want to establish a clean, unique and righteous government in the land? Then who will establish this? Whose help is needed today? BJP, CONGRESS, NPF, NSCN/GPRN (K&I/M), money powers, Satan or God? A righteous government is possible only when indenting leaders returns to the statement/proclamation of “Nagaland for Christ” and it is absolutely possible with God. However since all are not reformed/transformed beings, the transformed/reformed one has a responsibility to use all right means to achieve a just society or a righteous government.
Whether you believe or not, God immediately speaks to me that this is the hour to stand together as God’s people and raise our voice against all irregularities, corruptions, terrorism and human rights violations and work for a peaceful and for a self-helped Home State of Nagaland. We must fully trust that Nagaland is a part of India thus India is also the part of Nagaland.
Look and listen, my dear fellow Nagas! There is again “major outfit” and “minor outfit” according to our Indian (Delhi) leaders. But to us (Nagas), there is no such major or minor, weaker or stronger outfit among the Nagas. Enough is enough! We (Nagas) should not allow the prevalence of such political barriers among us.
Only what we (Nagas) have to do, is to work for peace, prosperity, defensive, brotherhood and for a healthy environment  for humanity. And in order to have that complete establishment of “Humanity” we must be willing to come to the point of “Obedience to God”.
Finally, my dear fellow Nagas (Christians), don’t just speak about the truth and justice but speak the truth and follow it and that will bring forth the righteous government. Don’t let anybody, anything neither mislead nor lure you away from being faithful to God. “Truth and Justice” is the signboard which can direct us the way to peace, progress, prosperity and freedom of God unto mankind, and this will ultimately lead us to the establishment of a “Righteous Government in Our Soil”
In the service of Justice & Humanity
Director: Reformation Front of Nagaland
& Youth Life Moulding Centre