WikiLeaks feud escalates: defector accused of sabotage

One of the founders of OpenLeaks, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, holds his book 'Inside WikiLeaks' after his arrival for a news conference in Berlin, Germany, February 10. (AP Photo)
Berlin, February 10 (DPA): A feud that has opposed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and a former German assistant at the anti-secrecy website, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, escalated Thursday with a threat to sue and an allegation that the German committed sabotage.  A tell-all book is to be published Friday by Domscheit-Berg, who has set up a rival platform in Germany and accuses Australian Assange of womanizing. Passages of the book became public Wednesday.
WikiLeaks issued a statement on the web claiming Domscheit-Berg admitted in his book to 'various acts of sabotage against the organisation' and 'having damaged the site's primary submission system and stolen material'.
The submission system is a web page where whistleblowers can anonymously leak documents without being caught by law authorities. Domscheit-Berg has told news interviewers it is not in fact secure. The WikiLeaks statement said the system was being given an 'overhaul' but it was impossible to do this quickly.
Domscheit-Berg was a spokesman in Germany for WikiLeaks till he left last year. The site hit the headlines in late November when it began publishing some of 250,000 US diplomatic cables.