Bringing Rock n’ Roll back

Bringing Rock n’ Roll back

Morung Express Feature


When talented musicians in Nagaland get together and jam, one thing is inevitable. No matter which rhythm you sway to – good old classic rock is always bound to pop up at some point, given how much of it is in our heads, hearts and musical veins.




Introducing Lords Of Rock (LOR)- the latest musical offering from Nagaland formed with the sole purpose to revive Classic Rock and deliver the sound and the feel of the 80’s Rock n’ Roll scene . A collaboration of musicians from different bands and genres- the band has Imkumer Jamir and Toshimoa Jamir on the Guitars, Akihito Zhimomi playing Bass, Alemtemsu Ozukum on the Drums, and Clement Imsong on vocals. The band is managed by Rockstar EI pvt. Ltd.


The musicians themselves in question here state they wanted to try out something different, rather than not going with the flow and in the direction where the contemporary music is heading. LOR is the result of watching each other performing on stage. There have always been admiration enjoying each other perform on stage. With the same taste in music, we ended up coming up with the idea to “Rock and Roll”. After the first couple of jamming sessions, there was already good chemistry rolling and that’s how it happened.


Embodying the spirit of a generation who just wanted to rock, LOR band members feel that there was once upon a time when rock music brought people together! “Unfortunately its fading away and we understand that there are many like us who still love the old school music, so we thought “why not?” Rock scene is still popular though it is declining in the charts, they opined.


Their heavyweight moniker Lords Of Rock (LOR) was created by the band front man Clement and band manager Mike Mirucki. They explained, “Initially we were thinking of suitable names and we decided that we should be pay tribute to bands that we wanted to cover. Therefore Lords of Rock merged as the best option! We all loved it and so went with it.”


With the music going on a roll, the band already has couple of gigs lined up in few major cities in India and an upcoming gig in Dimapur which will be unplugged. Don’t forget to check out Lords of Rock on Facebook and stay tuned for more.


LOR had these final words to say: “People should expect really loud and good old Rock n Roll. From the rock vaults, we will be covering Guns N Roses, Bon Jovi, Extreme, Ozzy etc.”


When rock stars get together, wonderful things happen! I guess we just have to hear it, to believe.


Be there for the free open-air concert at The Garden, Super Market, Dimapur on March 17 at 6:00pm.