Clean Election As In Untainted Mind

Clean Election As In Untainted Mind



Athong Makhury: A lil Naga boy named Roko, with a ball in his hands standing near the unending Dimapur stadium which began since Abrahamic time, asked Jesus with a sincere heart, saying, “Dear Jesus, when will this stadium be completed? Because I really wanted to practice hard to become a national player representing my people.”


Jesus was totally reluctant initially but he was compelled because heaven’s rule reads. “A sincere prayer shall be answered.” He was uneasy to reply to Roko the lil poor boy but “No way, rule is rule!” whispered Jesus.


Roko waited for a few minutes and thought to leave thinking his prayer hasn’t reached. While he was about to turn back, “My son”, uttered Jesus. Roko felt immense joy and he could feel tears rolling out from his tiny eyes. Jesus continued, “You know, I have been thinking to tell you before you came up with your prayer.” Roko was surprised, “Oh thank you, Jesus! You are so kind.” Jesus told him, “Now in this situation, the stadium is not going to be completed anytime soon. Be patient, son! Wait for me and I will come complete it.” So much disappointed Roko murmured, “Come on Lord, who the hell is going to wait for your Second Coming to complete this stadium? Are you kidding me?” Now the boy is so discouraged and he can’t even lift up his head. Jesus could feel the lil boy sobbing and gasping. Seeing the boy with hopelessness, Jesus couldn’t keep quiet anymore. So he advised him, “Hey son Roko, don’t be so sad. You know, I can tell you one thing for sure.” Roko then felt revived hearing Jesus’ word and prompted, “Yes Lord, please tell me.”


Jesus smiled at him and asked him, “You know that election is happening in a few days, right?” Roko as a footballer quickly replied, “Of course, I know that. Even my father went to Village Council’s meeting last night for that. We are preparing for it.”


“Yes, my son.” Jesus continued, “Be very careful with your vote because it is your vote that counts who would be in the position.” But Roko was confused, “How come, Lord! Is it related to the completion of this stadium and the upcoming election?”


Jesus hummed but replied right away, “Yes, my son. Listen to me carefully! You know, I have blessed you and your land everything that you need.” “Oh my God! Really?” Roko exclaimed. He was overjoyed to hear it saying thanks over and over. Jesus interrupted, “But it is your mistake that you vote the corrupt politicians in the position for many years till now. So it is them who are eating away all that I have blessed you.” “Oh like that, seriously?” innocent Roko affirmed. Jesus continued, “Yes, very much. So don’t blame me or anyone for this. Go home and tell your family members and friends around what you have heard from me.”


After a thorough discussion with Jesus, Roko is fully determined now. The lil boy Roko forgot even to say thanks to Jesus and ran off from the empty ground straight home, while repeating over and over, “I need to tell all my friends and near ones so that we see this stadium completed very soon!”


May God bless every single Naga to choose the right leader in the election!
With love
A precious 100-Rs note


Kinoka Yepthomi: I feel proud of myself to thank our state government for their helping hands to the people affected by flood in Dimapur on July 19, 2017.


I don’t know about the other wards but the Model colony Purana Bazaar, Dimapur got a good support from our state government. And I thank our newly formed government for their love and support towards the people. Every household got a sum of Rs.100 as relief.


All houses were under water


All utensils flowing here and there


Fishes swimming on compounds


Livestock decaying


Cars under water


Clothes under water


Everything in the house above and below water


And Rs.100 was enough to pay us back for the loss of lakhs


Thank You!


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