MUSHROOMING OF FACTIONS: A mockery to Naga National Movement

Philip Nyam,
PBCA, Longleng

Setting up of new Naga National Political Group in Nagaland on the pretext of seeking self-determination is similar to purchasing goods from a flea market, or creating a new social media account. The former is cheap, and the latter is free. The trends of Naga national workers splitting off from one group and founding another faction has truly downgraded and destroyed the credibility of the Naga National Movement, and has become a mockery to the point where its own people no longer trust and take it seriously. It may sound harsh, but truly, the state of Nagaland has the most untrusted, unloved, and unwanted freedom fighters.

 If our brothers and sisters who are on this field do not figure this out and understand the reality of the social context, then there must be something wrong in the head. The 26 letters of the English alphabet are seemed to have been created specifically for the Nagas to identify different factional groups. Within the span of few years, Nagas have witnessed the emergence of many factions claiming themselves to be the true and genuine group mandated by the people and that they are working in the interest of the Nagas. This assertion is only self-manufactured and a mockery to the demand of Naga sovereignty.

The Naga history says that Naga National Movement was a people’s movement for national identity and self-determination. During the years of the formation of the Naga Club, the spirit of nationalism was a prominent force of patriotism and loyalty to its land and people. Miserably, today this movement has become more of like an individual or a private affair. It does not anymore embody the wishes and ideologies of the stakeholders. The deep sense of shared identity and ideology is lost. The unforgiving and adamant attitude of the Naga national workers became a major barrier to reconciliation and peace. Despite the numerous agreements and understandings that were reached through the initiative of Forum for Naga Reconciliation, the groups still continue to blame and demonize one another for the past and present mayhem without realizing that they all are equally responsible and accountable for succumbing to it.

The Government of India's representatives have repeatedly maintained that there will be no factional solution, but only one Naga solution. This suggests that GoI would not conclude talks with NSCN-XYZ or any other factions separately. Therefore, no political group or organization should ever dream that they can bring sovereignty to the Nagas only by their strength. All the individuals and groups claiming to be a Naga national worker should realize that it breaks the heart of every sensible Nagas to see the emergence of new faction on a yearly basis, while on the other hand, the external adversaries rejoice every time a new faction develops in Nagaland. The open secret of their ideology is to create as many factions as possible and drag out the talks for solution.

Naga sovereignty does not belong to the Naga National Political Groups or their leaders alone, but it lies with the people and the will of the people is supreme. People who have given a full-time service for the Naga political cause should know that they are for the Nagas and they live because of the Nagas. So, it is apt that they must listen to the voice of people in all the circumstances.

If the unwavering attitude continues to persist, all will be caught up by death one after another and will not be able to witness the end results of their efforts, and their sacrifices and the forceful tax contributed by the stockholders will simply go in vain. The message to the beloved Naga freedom fighters is, it’s alright if you cannot bring sovereignty in your time, but it is not alright for us to see you vying over the chair of power and creating new factions each time you have conflict over self-interest rather than of national interest. Laymen’s observation is that the greed for power and wealth, mistrust over each other, and lack of management accountability are the causes behind the mushrooming of new factions. We do not want our land to be called as “Land of factions,” or “Nagaland for factions.” Very honestly, common people are suffocated with the rise of factions in the land. Can Nagas put a big fat inerasable full stop to the formation of another faction?

A renowned Christian communication expert Michael Traber says “Sin is refusal to communicate and to be in communion. Sin is therefore means isolation, division, and barriers that prevent, distort, and disturb communication.” All the Naga national workers should contemplate on these words and understand that the refusal to communicate and negating to be in communion with each other is against the will of God. The only way forward to achieve Naga’s aspiration is that the NNPGs or factions should sincerely in humility open up windows to come together, sit across the table and work out strategies looking at the common interest of the Nagas and not simply adhering on their own self-vested interest.

The future of the Nagas is very clear that until and unless all the NNPGs come together, there is going to be no desired solution. Taking accountability for the past disorder will not make any groups lesser but it will only make the Naga National Movement greater and stronger. No group’s interest or personal interest should be over and above the common interest and shared destiny of the Nagas. Leave the egos behind, talk to each other and walk together. Mutual accountability, humility, and repentance will help end the polarising politics, violence, fear, intimidation, and hate. Only this can heal the past and build a shared Naga future, founding upon the values of acceptance, mutual respect, and peace. Having said all this, I believe that there are genuine Naga national workers with principles who have steadfastly stood for the Naga political cause. We appreciate your service and extend our gratitude.