PTCCF unanimously dissolves forum

Phek, March 15 (MExN): The Phek Town Colony’s Chairman Forum (PTCCF) in its meeting on February 20, 2014 at the residence of the Forum’s Chairman Ranyi Vero unanimously decided to dissolve en mass the so called PTCCF with effect from March 1, 2014 for the larger interest of the society.
Chairman of PTCCF, Ranyi Vero said that all 11 chairmen of the colonies in a letter dispatched to all the authorities concerned and other relevant official correspondence stated that any issues to be intimated to PTCCF should be addressed to colony chairmen hereafter and not to PTCCF as before.
The house unanimously set aside a provision to reform the PTCCF as and when it requires depending upon the demand and needs of the public.
The colony members concerned included Kuvchosa Hoshi of Phek Bible Hill, Zhokhochi Venuh of Jericho-I, Kuvesitso Hoshi of Mission Compound, Huvosa Venuh of Bethany-I, Venuta Venuh of Hebron-I, Ngupelhi Tsuha of Bethnay-II, Khochipa Keyho of Hebron-II, Vesapa Nienu of Bethel, NUchicho Keyho of Jericho-II, Ranyi Vero of New colony and Shesakho Hoshi of Zion colony.