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UCM calls public meeting to discuss Naga peace talks

Newmai News Network

Imphal | September 15


United Committee Manipur (UCM) is organising a “one-day public alert meeting on possible settlement of Naga peace accord” on September 19, its president Sunil Karam announced on September 15.


He said that UCM had already started its "alert campaign" to create awareness on the possible outcome of the Indo-Naga peace talks with a solution to the Naga political problem imminent.


The one-day public alert meeting to be held on September 19 at Lamyanba Shanglen in Imphal’s Palace Compound is a part of the first phase of the "alert campaign", he also said. The scheduled meeting, while deliberating the possible outcome of the Naga peace talks, will reaffirm people’s stand to protect Manipur's territorial integrity and unity, Karam said.


In August, after he assumed the office of the Governor of Nagaland, RN Ravi who is the interlocutor of the Naga peace talks, had said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had expressed his desire to conclude the peace talks within three months.


The statement triggered an uneasy calm in Manipur.


UCM announced launching “preparatory alert campaign” since it is not sure what the "Centre’s exact plans are".


Sunil Karam said that UCM does not take the latest development in the Naga peace talks lightly as so far the Centre has not given a written assurance "on not hurting the interest of Manipur while settling the Naga issue".


The UCM president was talking to reporters at Kekrupat Memorial Complex  where the organisation led a host of civil society organisations in offering tribute to the "martyrs" of "Great June Uprising" on the occasion of Langban Heitha Leithaba (tarpon).


Langbal month of Manipuri lunar calendar usually falls in September or October, Meetei/Meitei community offers “tarpon (dropping of fresh flowers and fruits in the water)” as a mark of paying offering tributes to their ancestors in this month believing that they descend to their homes on the night of the full moon of the month and return to their dwellings on the day of the new moon.


Meanwhile, Karam said that the Centre’s initiative to settle the Naga political issue will always be welcomed as long as no agenda related with Manipur is included in it.


However, he warned that if the Centre continues to keep people in the dark and if it decides "for something that would break Manipur, then the Centre must take full responsibility on any untoward happening in the state."


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