7 in 10 Indian Gen-Z workers believe AI skills will boost their careers

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IANS Photo

New Delhi, August 24 (IANS): Seven in 10 Gen-Z professionals in India believe that artificial intelligence (AI) skills will help them progress in their careers, a report showed on Thursday.

AI-skilled members in India increased by 14 times in June 2023 compared to January 2016. This growth puts India in the top 5 countries for AI talent increase, alongside Singapore, Finland, Ireland, and Canada, according to LinkedIn’s first-ever global 'Future of Work: State of Work @AI' report. 

Over the past year, 43 per cent of the Indian workforce have witnessed increased AI usage in their workplaces. 

This surge has prompted 60 per cent of all workers and 71 per cent of Gen Z professionals in India to recognise that acquiring AI skills could enhance career prospects. 

Further, two in three Indians say they will learn at least one digital skill in 2023, with AI and Machine Learning being among the top skills they want to learn, the report mentioned.

"With India's top executives endorsing the potency of interpersonal skills in the age of AI, we're entering an era that values more fulfilling, human-centric work," said Ashutosh Gupta, Country Manager at LinkedIn India.

"To seize the moment, leaders must solidify their commitment to skills-first hiring because prioritising potential over pedigree can expand talent pools, boost upskilling, and build agility in their workforce," he added.

In 2022, the growth in hiring AI talent has outpaced overall hiring in APAC. 

For India, 2023 promises continued growth for AI hiring, with half of India's top executives aiming to upskill or hire for AI talent this year. 

About 57 per cent of executives are planning to enhance AI use in their organisations next year, the report said.

Around 91 per cent of Indian executives also believe soft skills have become more important than ever.

The emphasis on soft skills such as creativity and communications in the age of AI is particularly strong in India, with 91 per cent of top executives recognising their increased importance, surpassing the global average of 72 per cent, said the report.