A heart's plea

A Anato Swu
Satakha town Zunheboto

I am full of blood, but I, myself, ain't bood.
Day and night, I bear your pressure load.
Destined to labour, I do not sleep nor rest.
For your proper functioning I give my best.

Nestled between your respiratory organs
I send blood throughout your body organs.
All your systems are sustained by my feed.
All your lifetime I faithfully serve your need.

Protected by your ribcage I perform my duty.
My retirement would cease your functionality.
I was pressed to work even before your birth.
The day I rest shall be your last day on earth.

I've three-layered walls and four chambers;
Of their construction I hardly can remember.
My rooms are occupied by the same tenant;
And my walls have been sealed permanent.

To transport your blood I've in-built canals
The canal cluster is merged with the walls.
I supply you nutrients through the arteries 
Feeding billions of cells via the capillaries.

The veins bring to me deoxygenated blood
W'ich I hastily pump away lest I suffer flood.
In this repetitive cycle of an endless labour,
l'll slog on for your precious life and honour.

Burden me not with unhealthy diet or stress.
Watch your weight, have nothing in excess.
As you learn to live healthily and responsibly
I will look into your systems running perfectly.