A tribute to Lt Miss Supou Khiam

Lenseshi Naomi Tikhir

Her Concealed Dreams.

A delicate soul numerous dreams she once had. 
Tribulations on her way, 'No, I'll make it' she said. 
Compassionate daughter, sister and a good confidant she was. 
Well versed with the lectures she hoped to impart. 

Name and laurels for my nurturer and my society she promised. 
A happy and contented family she anticipated. 
Now her body lies defunct and cold.
She had the smiles of a happy child. 
Her face had spoken innocence yet failed to utter a word
 that day. 
Love one another they preached but shut her off, 
her dreams they drained. 
They killed her voice, hopelessly fell for your lie. 
They destroyed her wholly. 

They slayed the future nurturer, a voice for the voiceless women. 
Where is the love you preach? 
'That's my daughter' her parents longed to vaunt. 
But now only a cold and vapid body they got to discover. 

'Mummy, I'm coming home soon', 'I miss you' now rings in the ears of her mother. 
Her dreams, the wishes of her parents vanished in a trice. 
A future orator, a feminist, a dutiful mother she hoped
 to become. 
Envisaged herself standing for women and her rights. 
But before she could, the predator devoured her to
 bits and pieces.