Again: Criminals loot 18 lakhs

Dimapur, May 11 (MExN): Two persons who came to deposit Rs 18 lakhs at Axis Bank, in Dimapur were robbed off their money inside the bank itself by a criminal at around 11:30 am here today. Axis Bank is near the City Tower Junction. The criminal just walked away with the money while the two persons – employees of a big contactor – were filling up some forms in the bank. Police have detained the two victims for investigative purposes. 

The Additional SP of Dimapur, VZ Angami informed this evening that the police on scrutinizing the CCTV, found the criminal to be a ‘non-local’, around 5 feet 10 inches tall, and  wearing sneakers and  a light brown shirt. He informed that the two persons Vinod Sharma and Ramador Verma brought the money in a leather case. While one of them was filling up a form, the other watched the bag. However after sometime, the other person watching over the bag also went to his friend to fill up a form. In the meantime the thief simply took up the leather case and walked off from the bank “coolly”. Interestingly, the two came to know about the theft only after the criminal had left the premises. Police were informed and IRB and police personnel arrived at the scene, however it was too late.

Although the police say it was a case of carelessness on the part of the two aggrieved persons, the ASP of Dimapur however, informed that they have been detained for interrogation. The police are not ruling out any possibility  of foul play on the part of the two persons. There are some unanswered questions like how the thief came to know about the money being brought in the bag, and most importantly, the CCTV cassette showed that the thief  entered the bank a few minutes before the two came and that he appeared to be “quite restless,”  police informed. Meanwhile the Dimapur police have alerted all its units and further investigation is on, the ASP informed.