ANSTA highlight grievance to Education department

Dimapur, July 17 (MExN): The All Nagaland School Teachers Association (ANSTA) has made another representation to the Principal Secretary of School Education highlighting various points related to syllabus, decentralization of funds and review of service rules etc were among the several points mentioned. 

The association through its executive, reminded that several representations have been made to the department but these are yet to be addressed. In spite of the representations and high-level discussions being held, the government is simply prolonging the matter, t lamented. “… (This) shows the government’s insincerity (by the) undermining (of the) School Education department…” the association stated adding that the government is playing delay-tactics. 

In regard to the NBSE introducing five optional compulsory subjects, the association stated that the department is yet to appoint posts for the subject teachers as post creation is made by the government. Without consultations with the parent department “it has been started” the ANSTA stated while informing that in the process students of government high schools are totally deprived of the course for the current session. Hence it is imperative to create the post of subject teachers immediately and suitability tests should be conducted for appointment so as to deliver justice and equality to all students, the ANSTA added.  

The ANSTA also made mention of decentralization of funds. The earlier practice of decentralization of funds allocation to various DDOs on sub-allotment of yearly staff salary, office expenses and TA should be continued so as to check and prevent excess and bogus “appointment of teachers and staff having no sanction post in the department.” Under the rule, funds would be available to those sanctioned post staff only as per the incumbency list submitted by respective DDOs in the current year, the ANSTA opined. It would improve “the backlog of the department” to some extent, it added. 

The ANSTA also requested that the review of Service Rules 2002 as assured by the government be expedited; that the nomenclature of the present DIS post be either changed as “block education officer” or “Sub-Divisional Education Officer.” Further, the “impending” service regularization of ad-hoc graduate teachers with minimum 5 years input and above needs serious attention, the association stated.  The ANSTA while appreciating the upgrading of government high schools to higher secondary also requested that the post of headmaster and assistant headmaster be retained and made functional in the upgraded schools. As the high school sections are normally with more enrollments and have more workload, the ANSTA explained.