Ariana Grande reveals why she doesn't use Botox anymore as she tears up in new video

IANS Photo

IANS Photo

Los Angeles, September 13 (IANS): Singer-songwriter Ariana Grande shed tears as she shared her experience with Botox and why she no longer uses it.

The pop singer, who plays Glinda the Good Witch in the upcoming film adaptation of the Broadway musical 'Wicked', was overcome with emotion when she revealed in a 'Vogue Beauty Secrets' video that she no longer feels the need to use cosmetic injectables, reports 'People' magazine.

"Full transparency as a beauty person, as I do my lips," the 30-year-old singer said before applying colour to her lips. "(I've) had a ton of lip filler over the years and Botox. I stopped in 2018 because I just felt so - too much. I just felt like (I was) hiding, you know?"

As the 'Thank U, Next' singer began tearing up while insisting she "didn't expect to get emotional," she went on to explain that for a long time, beauty was "about hiding for me”.

"I, over the years, used makeup as a disguise or as something to hide behind," Grande admitted, quoted by 'People', adding that she also used big hairstyles in a similar manner.

"More hair, more and more, (the) thicker eyeliner... and that can be so beautiful at times and I still do have love for it."

Grande's aesthetic has mellowed over the years because she started out performing in the public eye at such a young age, when she was forced to deal with the opinions of others, she said.

"Being exposed to so many voices at a young age and especially when people have things to say about your appearance and stuff at a young age, it's really hard to know what's worth hearing or not, but when you're 17, you don't really know you don't know that yet," Grande explained in the video.