Be Free: A child’s prayer for freedom and life

Morung Express News
Dimapur | May 20

“Be Free” – a testimonial song by Lemuel J Philip was released on Monday evening in his YouTube channel @LemuelJPhilip. This is Lemuel’s first song. 

The debut of “Be Free” was not only a proud and emotional moment for the parents, but also an inspiring evidence of what a child can achieve on their own. 

Written and composed by Lemuel when he was just six years old, his parents told The Morung Express that the song birthed during the ‘40 Days of Revival’ organised by The Lighthouse Church at different churches in and around Dimapur.

“We went to attend the ‘40 Days of Revival’ at NCRC Sumi Church, Purana Bazaar. After reaching home, he made us record and wrote the song,” his parents shared. After letting him be himself for some time, Lemuel was ready with the song. It happened on March 23, 2022. 

“We did not change anything. The lyrics, song, everything… he did it on his own. Shortly, we decided to make the music video for the song,” they added. 

Past two years, now Lemuel is eight years old and yet he is very clear and vivid about the vision behind “Be Free.” In a brief conversation with this newspaper, he said, “This song to me is about freedom, life and not to be scared of anything and that God always choose the right path for us. And I pray that this song will bless, heal and speak to many people.”

‘He only chooses the best path for you to be free’
This song has a story. 

In his song, Lemuel writes, “It is like you are stuck in pain, death, sickness, and all the bad things. You don’t know what to do. That is when all the shame surrounds you and there is only one place you can go; that is when you go to an open place where Jesus is waiting for you.” 

“Fountain is a need for us but broken fountain can’t be used. Then you go to another place where some flowers are raised while some grow. He knows everything, He knows the path. When God guides your way, He only chooses the best path for you to be free. Humans ride vehicles but God drives in unbelievable things like mountains,” the lyrics continue.

“We see with our eyes, telescopes, microscopes and other things but God sees clearer things. Jesus Himself said in the Bible that He will come again for us.” 

For the music video, the concept and direction were done by Ihang Lungalang, Moaren Pongen and Rongsenchila Longchar, while it was shot and produced by Yanger Imchen.