Brillante Piano Competition: 21 contestants progress to semi-finals

Kohima, September 5 (MExN): The Brillante Piano Competition has unveiled the names of its participants who have navigated the preliminary/audition round. The preliminary was conducted with a digital prelude, allowing participants to showcase their prowess in the comfort of their own homes. 

A press release received here stated that with over 40 entrants representing 13 states of India, this year’s competition promises to be an unparalleled celebration of musical excellence. The competition encompasses three categories: Classical A Junior Category; Classical B Senior Category (17 years and above); Jazz Category (open for all ages).

The judges for the preliminary round included Gerardo Sanchez Lara, a Piano Professor from KM Music Conservatory, Chennai, Bethel Tsuzu, pianist and Director of Mountain Music Academy Dimapur, and Ezono Kithan John, music teacher and pianist. 

Only seven candidates from each category have been chosen to progress to the semi-finals. 

CLASSICAL- A (Junior Category) Semi-Finals Results 
1.     Angana Kashyap, 14 years (Assam)
2. Dajied Krypang Suchiang, 15 years (Meghalaya)
3.     Rose Dam Roy, 10 years (West Bengal)
4.     Menguvor Metsieo, 15 years (Nagaland)
5. Mangkyrpang Kharshiing, 15 years (Meghalaya)
6.     Anchit Sharma, 14 years (Assam)
7.     Keziah E Kikon, 12 years (Nagaland)

CLASSICAL - B (Senior Category)
1.     Rijul Chakraborthy Gender, 20 years (West Bengal)
2.     Abhro Roy Gender, 23 years (West Bengal)
3.     Raaghav Goel, 24 years (Gurgaon)
4.     Vashu Tangri Gender, 20 (New Delhi)
5.     Nainika Cheema, 17 years (Haryana)
6.     Anashuman Singh Cheema, 18 years (Haryana)
7.     Yolu Niivocho, 22 years (Nagaland)

JAZZ CATEGORY (Open age for all)
1.     Anchit Sharma, 14 years (Assam)
2.     Angana Kashyap, 14 years (Assam) 
3. M. Moasanen Jamir, 21 years (Nagaland)
4.     Aamir Rizvi, 20 years (Kolkata)
5.     Mantra Upadhyay, 12 years (Gujarat)
6.     Jaisheej Paul, 21 years (Kolkata) 
7.     Rudraksh Kumar, 19 years (Kolkata)

The Semi-Finals is set to happen live at Capital Cultural Hall, Kohima on September 29 at 1:00 pm. The grand finale will be on October 1. 
The juries for the Semi-Finals: Western Classical-Dr Adam J Grieg, Sahil Vasudeva, Gerardo Sanchez Lara; and Jazz-Pradyumna Singh Manot, Aki Spadaro, Jatziri Gallegos 

The juries for the Finale: Jazz-Pradyumna Singh Manot, Aki Spadaro, Jatziri Gallegos; and Western Classical-Dr Adam J Grieg, Priya Chaturvedi, Gerardo Sanchez Lara.

Workshops and masterclasses will be held at the venue on September 30. The workshop topics and specialists includes the following: Piano Masterclass A - Dr. Adam J Grieg, Academic Coordinator of KMMC; Piano Masterclass B - Gerardo Sanchez Lara, Piano Professor, KMMC;  Rhythms of Jazz- Pradyumna Singh Manot; Introduction to Jazz Music- Aki Spadaro, Goa Jazz Academy; Learning the Piano Away From the Piano-Priya Chaturvedi and Anuvrat Choudhry; Piano Tuning and Maintenance, Sachin Das, MD, Muse Musical a Chennai; The Unspoken Rules of the Piano Accompanist- Almudena, Global Music Institute (Piano- Spain, Jatziri (vocals)- Mexico); Piano Performance and Stagecraft- Nise Meruno, Yamaha Ambassador; Sound Healing-Roheth Kandwal; Piano Pedagogy for the Young-Anjili Mata, Academic Head, Trinity college London, India; Piano Technique for Beginning and Early Students- Zingrin Shishak, Dean of Music, MSSM; Music Therapy - Doctors from Indian Association of Music Therapy. 

“We extend a warm welcome to everyone to join us at our unique piano festival, the first of its kind in India, celebrating a diverse range of piano performances and music featuring artists from around the world. Tickets will be available both at the venue and through pre-sale before the event begins,” the lease stated.