• Power up your diet with almonds
    New Delhi, June 22 (IANSlife) Yoga and every other forms of exercise imbibes the concept of whole health - which includes healthy eating, a peaceful mind and fit body.   Making small yet impactful changes to your diet, can go a long way in building overall health and aid in your fitness routine. Rich in several nutrients such as vitamin B2, magnesium, phosphorous, adding a handful of almonds to the diet is a good way to start, as they make for a nutritious snacking option, s
  • Yoga in cancer treatment
    New Delhi, June 21 (IANSlife) Yoga is an ancient Indian practice and has evolved over thousands of years. It deals with the physical, mental, moral, and spiritual well-being of an individual. It has been observed that, when practiced daily, yoga and meditation significantly helps in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, loss of appetite and fatigue in some cancer patients and in addition to enhancing quality of life, immune status and will to fight among patients as
  • Drug to treat mild, moderate COVID-19 launched in India
    New Delhi, June 21 (PTI): Drug firm Glenmark Pharmaceuticals on Saturday said it has launched antiviral drug Favipiravir, under the brand name FabiFlu, for the treatment of patients with mild to moderate COVID-19 at a price of about Rs 103 per tablet.   The drug will be available as a 200 mg tablet at a maximum retail price (MRP) of Rs 3,500 for a strip of 34 tablets, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals said.   FabiFlu is the first oral favipiravir-approved medication in Ind
  • Try these yoga apps at home to stay fit during lockdown
    New Delhi, June 20 (IANS) In the social distancing times when group yoga in the neighbourhood park would not be a great idea on the International Yoga Day, here are some interesting yoga apps that can be tried in the comforts of your home.   According to Nidhi Mohan Kamal, an Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga trainer and certified strength fitness trainer, yoga apps can help people, especially the middle-aged and the elderly, stay fit amid the Covid-19 lockdown in India.   &q
  • New moms more like to suffer from depression, anxiety during COVID-19
    Toronto, June 20 (IANS) Ladies, please take note. Researchers have stressed that new mothers are more likely to suffer from post-natal depression and anxiety during COVID-19 pandemic.   The study, published in the journal Frontiers in Global Women's Health, revealed that the number of pregnant and postpartum women suffering from the condition have increased during the health crisis.   "The social and physical isolation measures that are critically needed
  • Father's Day: Focusing on men's health after 40
    New Delhi, June 20 (IANSlife) Just because you're a dad it doesn't mean you don't have to focus on your health and fitness. Father's over the age of 40 should give extra care to their minds and bodies.   This is the time when men are more prone to lifestyle diseases like obesity, hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular ailments. A man's hectic schedule, unhealthy habits, irregular healthcare patterns and spiraling stress are the reason behind such life-
  • Yoga life's purpose
    New Delhi, June 19 (IANSlife) One of yogas most prominent contemporary voices, Sarvesh Shashi, is not just a yoga entrepreneur, but in his own words, yoga is his lifes purpose. A nation-wide network of yoga studios, started when this 17-year-old attended a yoga class "by chance and not out of willingness".   With actor Malaika Arora onboard as a partner and celebrity clientele, the modern yogi's mission is as strong as ever - �connecting se
  • This vaccine may protect against worst symptoms of Covid-19
    New York, June 19 (IANS) The MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine could serve as a preventive measure to dampen septic inflammation associated with Covid-19 infection, say researchers.   According to the study, published in the journal mBio, vaccination with MMR in immunocompetent individuals has no contraindications and may be especially effective for health care workers who can easily be exposed to Covid-19.   "Live attenuated vaccines seemingly have some
  • 243 million Indian adolescents could be at risk due to COVID-19
    New Delhi, June 19 (IANSlife) Adolescence is a critical period in the life of an individual when one acquires knowledge and develops cognitive skills which are critical to the transition to adulthood. Societal interactions, particularly those at school, are at the fulcrum of an individuals development.   A recent report in the Lancet (Child and Adolescent Health) Journal has pointed out that social deprivation and reduction in peer contact threaten to have long term conseque
  • Exercise prevents 4 million early deaths each year: Study
    London, June 19 (IANS) At least 3.9 million early deaths are being averted worldwide every year by people being physically active, according to a new study published in The Lancet Global Health.   "Research into lifestyle factors such as lack of physical activity, poor diet, drinking alcohol, and smoking, tends to focus on the harms these do to health," said study researcher Dr. Paul Kelly from the University of Edinburgh in the UK.   "This helps cr
  • Russia begins clinical trials of Covid-19 vaccine
    Moscow, June 18 (IANS) Russia has allowed clinical trials of two forms of a potential COVID-19 vaccine developed by the Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology.   The Russian Ministry of Health said that it had issued permission on Tuesday and the clinical study of the COVID-19 vaccine began on Wednesday.   Studies of the two forms of vaccine -- liquid and lyophilized -- will be carried out in two medical institutions in Moscow. &nbs
  • Poor sleep quality may increase depression risk in teenagers
    London, June 18 (IANS) Feeling depressed at a young age? Read this carefully. Researchers have found that teenagers who experience very poor sleep may more likely experience poor mental health in later life.   For the findings, published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, the research team analysed self-reported sleep quality and quantity from teenagers and found that there was a significant relationship between poor sleep and mental health issues.  
  • Steroid Dexamethasone approved as COVID-19 treatment in UK
    New Delhi, June 17 (PTI): The UK government on Wednesday authorised the state-funded National Health Service (NHS) to use steroid dexamethasone, the "world's first' coronavirus treatment proven to reduce the risk of death among severely ill patients. The Department of Health said the cheap and widely available anti-inflammatory steroid has been immediately approved to treat all hospitalised COVID-19 patients requiring oxygen, including those on ventilators, after an Oxford
  • Important to know signs of mental health problems: Experts
    New Delhi, June 16 (IANS) With the suicide of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput shining the spotlight on mental health issues, experts have suggested that people first need to be able to identify the problems so they can seek help and get the right treatment.   The "Chhichhore" actor's body was found hanging in the bedroom of his home on Sunday, leading Mumbai police to launch a probe into the suicide from various angles.   According to Dr Samir P
  • Just 40ml liquor daily may even put you at death risk
    Toronto, June 16 (IANS) Moderate drinkers, beware. Even consuming 350ml of beer, 140ml of wine or 40ml of liquor daily within weekly low-risk drinking guidelines can result in hospitalisation and death, researchers have warned.   Moderate drinkers "are not insulated from harm," said researchers led by Adam Sherk from Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.   "Don't drink or, if you
  • Mutation in new coronavirus increases chance of infection - study
    June 15 (Reuters) - A specific mutation in the new coronavirus can significantly increase its ability to infect cells, according to a study by U.S. researchers.   The research may explain why early outbreaks in some parts of the world did not end up overwhelming health systems as much as other outbreaks in New York and Italy, according to experts at Scripps Research.   The mutation, named D614G, increased the number of "spikes" on the coronavirus - which
  • Back Pain, a global burden
    New Delhi, June 14 (IANSlife) Back pain leads people to seek medical attention and results in the leading cause of work disability. It affects 60-80 percent of people throughout their lifetime.   When it comes to aches and pains in the back, there's no one size fits all and no age is not a factor. In fact all age groups getting affected, and 23 per cent of world's adults suffer from chronic low back pain. An annual rate of adolescents suffering from back pain is betw
  • Cut down cholesterol naturally
    New Delhi, June 14 (IANSlife) High cholesterol is one of the major causes of heart attacks and coronary heart diseases, and some foods may help you eliminate it naturally.   When the cholesterol is accumulated in high levels, the arteries become narrow causing restriction in blood flow. Reducing the intake of fatty food in the diet helps manage cholesterol levels. Unhealthy eating habits are a major factor determining cholesterol levels in a human body, Dr Tarun Sahni, Senio
  • COVID-19 may trigger new diabetes, experts say
    New Delhi, June 14 (PTI): COVID-19 may trigger the onset of diabetes in healthy people, and also cause severe complications in diabetic patients, according to an international group of 17 leading experts in the chronic condition.  Based on clinical observations made so far, the scientists, including Stephanie A. Amiel from King's College London in the UK, said there is a bi-directional relationship between COVID-19 and diabetes. In a letter published in the New Engla
  • Covid-19 vaccine by Sinovac shows positive results in initial trials
    Beijing, June 14 (IANS) Chinese vaccine maker Sinovac has said that its Covid-19 vaccine candidate, CoronaVac, has been found to induce immune response in initial human trials.   No severe adverse events were reported in either the phase-1 or phase-2 trials, said the company on Saturday, while revealing preliminary results of the trials.   "Our phase I/II study shows CoronaVac is safe and can induce immune response," Weidong Yin, Chairman, President and