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  • SCHOLARSHIP: Roundup
    1. Category:     Research Level Scholarship:     Kishore VaigyanikProtsahan Yojana (KVPY) 2019 Description:     Department of Science and Technology (DST),
  • Quiz #170
    1.     Nagaland’s first ever Hip-hop Festival themed “Inception” will be on August 17 in:  a) Dimapur         b) Kohima c) Mokokchung  
  • Weekly Internship List
    Business Development (Sales) at Woman Ambassadors Location – Kolkata Stipend – Rs. 5,000 /Month Link – Deadline – 19th August 2019   Telecalling at Bea
  • “Interning Was Not on My Summer Bucket List”
    Ms. Akumnaro Ozukum, 5th Sem BA (English)   Summer vacations are generally the happiest times for me and it matters a lot because I get some rest and relaxation from my daily college schedule. This y
  • SCHOLARSHIP: Roundup
    1. Category:     Talent Based Scholarship:     Brainers Talent Search Exam Description:     Brainers Business School is providing students with an opportunity
  • Weekly Internship List
    Web Development at Technixia Automation  Location – Kolkata Stipend – Rs. 4,000 /Month Link – Deadline – 9th August 2019 Graphic Design at The Graphe Location –
  • Quiz #169
    1.     According to the fourth cycle of All India Tiger Estimation 2018, released on World Tiger Day on July 29, India’s tiger population increased from 2,226 in 2014 to 2,967 in 2018. How many
  • 'Libraries are sacred time machines where knowledge flows and magic is eternal'
    Akhrienuo, Assistant Librarian Libraries have been regarded as a center for knowledge. They always catered to the infotainment needs of the masses.Due to the increase in the number of institutes in the field
  • Entrepreneurship: The Future of Modern Society
    The study and the activity of entrepreneurship which begins from the early stage of taking up commerce after the completion of high school, and management after the completion of higher secondary has often been
  • One Man, One Vote, One Value
    Heninle Magh, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Commerce A state's development is seen through the efficiency of a leader which people elect to lead the state into the future ethical and informed voting. 
  • CHRI’s ‘Things You Wanted To Ask About the Police But Were Too Afraid To Ask’- 12
    Starting October 3, The Morung Express is publishing a series, “101 Things You Wanted To Ask About the Police but Were Too Afraid To Ask,*” an easy guidebook published by the Commonwealth Human Ri
  • Let’s Appreciate Life!
    There comes a phase in everyone’s life, especially during our childhood when we can’t wait to grow older and step into the real world. But, when we finally reach that stage and start taking the re
  • Battling Social Phobia
    Supongsangla Walling, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology   From a sociological point of view, the common man is an individual who lives in society, interacts with people, forms social groups
  • Technology and Education: An Overview
    Imnarenla Imsong, Asst. Professor, Department of Environmental Science Education in today’s world is all about giving students all the required skills to succeed in this new world. So in order to prov
  • Tackling Unemployment in Nagaland
    "True education must correspond to the surrounding circumstances or it is not a healthy growth." Mahatma Gandhi Naga society was richly ingrained by social values like honesty, obedience, disci
  • Culture of Correct Writing
    To write well is an exquisite art. The first time I felt its indelible impact was when I picked up my first novel, Pride and Prejudice. It introduced me to an unravelling of how words can leave a powerful impac
  • Mental Health and Wellness
    Aghatoli Chophi, Assistant Professor, Department of English The world health organization estimates that 80,000 people die each year due to suicide which roughly translates as one person per every 40 seconds a
  • Keepers of Culture
    Dr. Imlisunep, Assistant Professor, Economics Department A couple of years ago, I attended a workshop in Noida at V.V.Giri National Labour Institute for almost a month. Researchers from every part of the co
  • 'If I rule Nagaland'
    The winning speech According to Public Affairs Index 2018 released by Public Affairs Centre, Nagaland is among one of the worst governed states in India. And according to Ease of Living Index recently releas
  • A ‘Book’ a Day
    Noyingbeni T. Erui, Assistant Professor, Department of English   The other day, one of the colleagues asked about my views on why majority of students in Nagaland have bad writing skills. I promptly re