Morung Learning

  • One Life: Live, love & Value it!!
    Earlitha M Sangma Assistant professor, Department of Education   Life is not about merely knowing that your heart beats; nor it is about knowing how your heart pumps blood into your body; Life is much
  • English Curriculum under Nagaland University: Debatable?
    Arenkala Kichu Assistant Professor, Department of English A majority of us think that “ENGLISH” is a study of only literature since literature has only been the area that has been focused on. Wh
  • Musings on the Nagaland Legislative Assembly Elections 2018
    Amenla Jamir, Assistant Professor, Dept of Education I don’t consider myself an expert in the affairs of politics nor do I have any vested interest in politics. But like so many others before me have
  • Professionalism
    In a place like Nagaland, where meritocracy is often being overridden by tribal politics, obligations or “negotiations” in cash, kind or favour, it seems like we all need a lot more professionalism
  • Obedience is better than sacrifice
    At the very outset, I acknowledge myself as someone very ordinary to write on a topic which is very much Biblical and deep in theological understanding. I am neither a preacher nor theologically trained to quot
  • What Life’s Like for a Student in Nagaland
    A young student from Nagaland hits a raw nerve with these questions posed to the leaders of Nagaland: “Do the leaders of our land think of students’ welfare when they make decisions? Do they know th
  • Internshala Trainings Young Achiever Scholarship 2018
    Internshala has announced its bi-annual scholarship, Internshala Trainings Young Achievers Scholarship 2018. The scholarship is meant to help the student community by providing them free online training program
  • Why Pink for Women?
    A rare sight to be seen in Nagaland is a woman legislator. 1977 being the most ‘recent’ time since Nagaland has had a woman legislator, Ms. Rano M Shaiza as MP to the Lok Sabha, this raises larger q
  • Break free from Exam Stress
    With Exam season around the corner, high levels of stress and burnout can hamper the students  and give unreasonable panic attacks  which may result in fatigue, forgetfulness, anxiety, loss of interes
  • Nagaland: A State of “Schizophrenia”?
    We all know the proverb “money is the root of all evil” but have we ever pondered as to what makes money evil or dirty? The answer is simple ‘greed’. When we look into our present Naga s
  • Thoughts On ‘Solution before Election’
    The Nagas today have a funny way of being united for everything, be it against 33% reservation, against corruption, or against the government (read ACAUT rally). But soon, in a similar rally that was held by th
  • Busting Myths about E-learning
    After graduation, Kriti started looking for opportunities, but despite consistent efforts, she couldn’t get what she was aiming for. After multiple cycles of applications and rejections, Kriti decided to
  • Only One Life to Live
    History is replete with many great people ranging from various walks of life. They can be sportspersons, singers, soldiers, historians, scientists, statesmen, politicians, actors, humanitarians, doctors, teache
  • Not Afraid To Learn
    In life everyone learns through experience. The more we experience in life, the more we learn and accumulate. Here, I would like to share an experience, which helped me realize that if we remain scared to explo
  • The Reckoning of ‘Naga Day’
    The present Naga society is in a tectonic transition. Stark inequality of class division intensified with nepotism cannot co-exist with the idea of a free society and democracy. A social environment where every
  • Celebrating Hornbill Festival in 2018
    If we are to compare Nagaland’s level of development in various areas with the advanced world or even states in India, we are far behind. The undeniable truth is that, though we do not make an effort to w
  • Glory or Vain Glory of Our Naga Past?
    Looking at the yesteryears achievements of our forefathers, we feel great! It is joyful to rejoice in our past glory. It is a delightful treat to the heart to learn how our forefathers fought and won battles &n
  • Prisoners of Profession?
    Everybody wants to have a better career and this is the reason why people spend so much time, money and energy in education. But what is the benefit of all these sacrifices if a person can’t live a happy
  • Heard of the ‘Internet of Things’?
    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a pretty broad concept overall. It’s the name given to the interconnection of everyday devices like cell phones and headphones to home appliances to automobiles with built-
  • Let’s Get Cycling!
     Cycling has always been a global activity, and in the 21st century a marketing phenomenon. At its simplest, the bicycle is a functional form of transport that was invented sometime in the early 19th centu