Church and Politics

Kevitho Nightwing Kera: I do not agree to some certain practices of some Churches:  

1. 'Forced donations' is one. To build a church or to celebrate something, some churches dictate donations in the form of certain percentage of government servants' salaries are cut say to build a church building. Remember first of all God will never approve of grand structures or grand celebrations with no real Christians inside them. Donations for church purposes should be from willing hearts. The most important thing is God will provide, do not trust on human abilities. This is another form of Extortion.

2. In some certain churches, a list of who gave their ten tithes and how much are released or pasted on notice boards. I feel sorry for the poorer members and how embarrassed they will be. These notices are used by richer members to boast of their social standings. It doesn't matter who gives how much but what matters most is the heart, remember the widow in the Bible who gave what she could afford and Jesus was pleased? Do release the list but do not mention the amounts. Do not give anyone the opportunity to sin on pride.  

Changsang Soted: Many pastors wished to be posted only in towns and cities. Once they are posted to remote villages, many pastors shy away. Lots of campaigning carried out internally for becoming a pastor in town/citychurches.   Many pastors, church workers and activist are living a kingsize lifestyles.  

All dues paid by the congregation and so very lucrative it seems being a pastor of towns and cities. Lesser and lesser relevant activities are carried out and many gossip mongers dominates the church and the holy sanctity is lost.   The church should revitalize so that believers are not led astray.  

However there are also many good pastors, church workers and activist who are actually toiling so hard which also needs to be appreciated.  

Church cannot exist without the support and help from the believers and thus all should contribute to strengthen the church and believers.  

Non-contribution from a single person cannot have any impact on the church and it is making church more reckless and the criticism from the church to an individual for bringing up positive criticism is getting more vibrant and vocal.  

Hence church and it's leaders also needs to mellow down and safeguard the holy affinity so as to reassure the believers that the church means business when it comes to winning lost sheeps.  

Church leaders needs to abandon lavish lifestyles and restrict themselves to restrain from inviting more criticism. In such criticism which our post master has elaborated lies the actual strength of the church.  

Tikhe Kmv Koza: Not all, but there are some churches that should know that our God is neither a beggar nor an extortionist. Although it is the duty of every Christian to give and build the body of Christ cheerfully, but not sure if it's His will to dictate on how much one should give. And also don't know how many churches were/are being build according to men's will or God's will, for He will also provide if His will.  

On this note, tearing down and re-building the church building even when it is still usable has become a weird trend in our land. There are churches that stood for more than hundred years and are still used even today with proper maintenance. Our church should consider more on spreading its reach and investing on it rather than tearing down, showing off and wasting it.  

Mhonlumo Ngullie: A common thief when caught is rebuked and his 'membership' from the church is removed. The same goes with those unmarried couples who gets pregnant etc. The only way to be accepted by the church or the society is a public apology in front of the congregation.  

A corrupt minister/officer who is caught red-handed in stealing public money or caught indulging in immoral activities are always welcomed with open arms and seated at the front of the church. Shouldn't the same yardstick be applied to all?   Maybe some church leaders should be bold enough to answer this question.  

Neiba Kent: The other side of the coin..

1. If the church don't ask donation from her members to built or celebrate where do she ask? from neighbouring villages or government I don't know, and as a village, as a town if we can not contribute and built our own church for ourself and our children who do we expect to come and built one for us. I think we need to understand the context, imagine a town (your village your town, my village my town) in nagaland without a church? I understand donation by force is not good, I personally don't like it but as a village, as a town I think we can sacrifice some together and built one for ourself and our children, we shouldn't wait because faith without action is death. Real christians or fake christians..thats something we can not judge because thats between yourself and your God but I dont believe 1,000 people come and fake together every sunday.  

2. There may be more reasons to release the names and amount than to hide, I feel people will make much more noise saying the church hides everything, there is no transparency blah blah. Every coin has two sides we need to see both the sides and make a conclusion. Peace!  

Jon Longchar: Christianity "was" a very simple religion. Now it is not. We don't recognize it but we are blinded by greed and pride that we forgot the true way to worship. Hell we have forgotten the basic meaning worship. Imposing 40 percent of salary is NOT WORSHIPPING but extortion. Indirectly encouraging to steal in long run. 40 % for celebration, 20% tithe, 20% each for factions (more than 3 factions) and people are left with -20%. They have to feed cloth and travel to do for their family. Anyone can worship from anywhere, church gathering is suppose to be a way to support each other's faith when we feel down and weak and alone. But sadly it is becoming all about collecting wealth. We are so engrossed in doing so that we forgot the essence of church, support and prayer. I believe all theologians are taught psychology. So they are supposed to know how to make people listen gospel with interest but instead end up making people sleep during their sermon in church. (I don't mean no disrespect to any individual or group but typing the fact as seen) They are supposed to share the "gospel" the good news, the happiness of having Christ in life and even after death. Did you ever ask yourself why does Christian God always threaten with death in revival etc!? Like 'oh I see 3 coffins unless you confess' etc.... Call me a demon but my advise is when you hear those words as being revelation from God then run away from there and read the Bible yourself. Because from what I know, My Jesus is a merciful God who even give up his life for me and you, (His temple) not for killing us. So thats not the type of God you want to worship who only threatens with death. I never heard from any of His faithful workers revelling about blessings of wealth etc. in the whole of my almost 40 years. Have you heard any revelation from God like. God told me there will be blessing in next few days after this revival etc. Just answer yourself

(I'm not against donations but against extortion or forced donations)

And so it is written, 'Be wise like a serpent and be innocent as a dove'.

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