‘Come forward for Naga National Unity for best interest of our people’

Yilow Humtsoe
President of Naga National Council (Parent Body) 

Dear Naga People,

On this National Independence Day of 14th August 2023 here at Oking, Nagaland, I pray and salute all the Naga people in the name of our living God and Saviour Jesus Christ. May this occasion bring immense blessings to all of us as we celebrate and honour the Day of Declaration of Independence on 14th August 1947, acknowledged by the United Nations Organisation and distinctly noted in history in these words - (Quote), “According to plans and preparations, the Naga Independence was declared on August 14, 1947, one day before India became Independent. The Government of India and the United Nations Organization were informed by Cable to which the UNO was kind enough to send an acknowledgement.”  The Cable runs:- “Benign Excellency (.) Kindly put on record that Nagas will be Independent (.) Discussions with India are being carried on to that effect (.) Nagas do not accept Indian Constitution (.) The right of the people must prevail regardless of size (.) Naga National Council.” (Unquote)  These simple yet significant political lines are crystal clear words stated and informed officially to the United Nations Organization and the Government of India in particular.

Therefore, this was and is the milestone of our political and democratic sovereign right as a people and nation, which is well known and recognised by the world at large. Therefore, the Government of India must withdraw from the Naga Homeland for peaceful co-existence and development in the larger interest of the Region. 

 The NNC (Parent Body) honour and pay homage to our Naga Martyrs remembering their sacrifices, blood and tears for the Sovereignty of our people and Nation. We also wish and salute all our supporters, well-wishers and sympathizers far and near as we celebrate our Independence Day. And we wish to appeal to all the campaigners of freedom around the world to continue to pray and support the Cause of the democratic rights of the Naga People. 

We the NNC once again appeal to all the Groups/Factions to come forward for Naga National Unity for the best interest of our people and freedom of our homeland before any untoward situation like that in Manipur also emerge here in the Homeland, as the political design and devices of our adversary are quite apparent. 

It is also necessary for the Nagas at this point to think from the larger perspective as the freedom and security of Christians in the region are in serious danger. 

We also appeal to the world at large to remember and support the people of the North-East Region as we are greatly suffering under the Imperialist of India for many years now. 

The people of Manipur in the Northeast are facing annihilation as a result of the well-planned agenda of the Imperialists which is unstoppable now. The main motive is to wipe out Christianity in Manipur as seen through the ethnic cleansing of Kuki-Zomi Christians, and also the Meitei Christians in Imphal Valley who are forced out of Manipur after burning down their churches and homes, this is a clear indication of Christian persecution at the highest degree in this 21st Century.

 Therefore, we urge Christians around the world to speak out and stand up for the Christians in the North-East Region facing severe persecution in the so-called largest democracy of the world -India, under the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Hindutva ideology of one religion and one nation. 

In conclusion, the Christians, the Muslims, the Sikhs, and all other religions will never succumb to this ideology of Hindu supremacy and dominance through one-party rule in this modern and contemporary world. This religiously-oriented political ideology should be condemned by the world at large irrespective of race, religion, or colour one belongs to as this is a threat to freedom of religion at large. The true religion and the truth will always triumph ultimately. Praise the living God. Amen.