The controversy of Naga headgear/Traditional attires

G.L.Khing: Is it necessary for Nagas to transport their traditional headgear and attires upto Delhi to appease someone (as many politicians often do)? Today, we blame Shashi Tharoor for his seemingly negative comment on Naga headgear. But the same blame should be shouldered by the one who gives. It is not necessary to give Naga headgear to Non-Nagas. Modi is not a Naga warrior nor is he fit customarily to wear such headgear. Our elders will better explain its importance and significance. Who can wear it? When can we wear it? Who can touch it, etc...??? We have lost the significance of our traditional attires by our random usage and giving them to Non-Nagas who may not have an iota idea of its importance and significance. We talk a lot about preserving our rich heritage, but if we casually present our attires and headgears to others like any other object, we will be killing our own identity. We must first apologize for our mistake and then demand apology from S. Tharoor. We must respect and honour our traditional attires.  

(Personal view on the usage of Naga traditional attires/headgear)  

Düvo C Ruho: At this rate none of us are capable of wearing our own culture. It is confusing as to how culture diversity is to hypocrite about.   For a person to wear traditional attires does he need to be a warrior/headhunter? If so look at what we are doing.  

The mockery happened because of the difference of the party scenario. This tweet was more of political play rather than an ethic ground. Politicians don't just easily said what they think could not be heard. Sometime they create confusion between people to create enmity among each other, the ideology behind the party backpack to influence political interests.  

We should understand the concept what is actually happening behind the scene. Why is that Shashi had to pin point only at this moment? The image display was a year or two already. Would he care so much about headgear if Modi was his right hand?  

Don't create confusing between culture, politics and religions.   It is true we have different designation to wear or crown certain dress that are ought to pull over our shoulders. We have customary law which defines an individual designation to assign him to wear as sign of respect & honour. But the problem here seems to have different scenario. So misconception should be understood at this rate.  

Imti Lkr: I strongly agree with you, we have certain limitation in our culture, more over even among the tribes some clan can't wear what other clan wears. Then why do we sell our identity to the one who do not know even the value of thing. It's not Shashi Tharoor to be blame but the one who give.  

Another thing I understand from Tharoors comments is not about the head but Modi who always lie to people, who receive head from Nagas but not from Muslim because of communal spirit.  

Stephen Ahyulo Kent Nzonyu: Beyond headgears... Even our traditional shawls are required to be preserve and keep it sacred...I don't know if you people come across such embarrassing situation where ordinary people or some mere workers wearing our shawls so shabbily meant for warriors and chief, or deserving people in the society...  

Laifungbam Khongnang-Thaaba Roy: Unnecessary diversion. Traditional headgears are all ‘outlandish’ in today's context and times. Many need to be banned as they incorporate animal parts, animals that have become critically endangered because of over utilisation, a challenge to biological diversity. Others, like the Mexican "sombrero" have become caricatures. Many of these highly ridiculously decorative headgears have been replaced by artificial, paper, plastic parts, retaining only an often lost and forgotten symbolism. The 'tradition' of Indian political leaders being greeted by such topiary is indeed ridiculous and exploitative of cultural symbols. As for the people, it is an abusive practice by officials and government hangers-on, party aficionados, and similar riffraff.  

John John: I understand your point. And as well the headgear being presented isn’t just to anybody but the Prime Minister of the Country. So the question of its significance being compromised by presenting it to just anybody doesn’t apply here.  

There shouldn’t be restrictions regarding how we portray our honour and gratitude towards a fellow human. And there is no customary law regarding who is eligible to wear the Naga headgear.  

If we truly follow our customary laws as by our forefathers none of us are eligible, we don’t wear our head gears and attires based on whether we still practice head hunting do we?   Now presenting it as a symbol of honouring another has been practiced since history, since the time of interrelations with the Ahom kings.  

The presentation of the Head gear has been followed like a custom and it was presented to Jawaharlal Nehru as well. So, it’s an already practiced custom.  

The headgear is only for the honourable. So the only people who don’t deserve to wear the head gear are our very own dishonest and shameless Naga politicians and citizens because they have no honour.  

Now regarding Sashi Tharoors opinion, sometimes one should be wise enough to ignore the fool. Answering an alien for his alien comments will make no difference.  

Now why should we change our ways just because somebody has an opinion about it? What people think and say is none of our business?   Let them be. We continue on with what is important to us and how we choose to preserve it. This is not an argument or am I nowhere discrediting your opinion.  

Neipetso Atso Lomi: Indeed we have rich heritage and vibrant culture as CM said... and am proud to be Naga But here is my sincere message to him (CM and the so called Naga Hoho, apex Naga tribal Body) that like the protection you have shown to the Nagas by demanding an Apology from Tharoor, I would appreciate, you being the CM of our State for several tenures, may you kindly show the same spirit of protection to the present and upcoming generations of Nagas , when there is any misuse of funds , quality of facilities, promises have not delivered by your council of ministers, subordinates, etc you may please kindly demand their apology to the general public or may even seek for resignation, as we Nagas cannot survive by our rich heritage and vibrant culture alone, we need to catch up the rest of the world with proper development as funded.  

Also Naga Hoho may kindly initiate the same spirit of demanding apology or even resignation for misusing the funds in our state by the concerned authorities.  

Just my concern opinion.