David Arquette rushed to hospital after head-on car crash

Damage: The Scream actor’s silver Cadillac was towed away this afternoon after the crash in West Hollywood.
David Arquette was rushed to hospital following a head-on car collision in West Hollywood this afternoon. The 39-year-old, who was driving a silver Cadillac, swerved into an oncoming vehicle after the car in front of him stopped suddenly, according to TMZ.  The actor was seen lying on a patch of roadside grass next to a pair of vehicles with damage on their front bumpers and airbags deployed. He was stretchered into an ambulance but a spokesperson has since said he is ‘fine’. In fact, the actor was doing so well that he was even able to send a tweet from his hospital bed.
In a message to his Twitter followers, he wrote: ‘Remember to wear your seatbelt-wish I was.’ He then added: I got into a car accident but I’m fine. Luckily I have dragon’s blood running through my veins. Haha Thank you for all your concern.’ The line is a not to actor Charlie Sheen, who has referred to having ‘tiger blood’ in several of his garbled rants.
Arquette is understood to have been en route to Burbank airport where he was set to board a private jet to Las Vegas. He was expected to attend the opening of candy store Sugar Factory at the Paris Hotel which is being hosted by Kim Kardashian. Arquette flew back to Los Angeles yesterday after a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah. His estranged wife Courteney Cox and their daughter Coco, 6, are currently in Hawaii where the actress films her TV series, Cougar Town. Her co-star Brian Van Holt, whom Arquette once suspected her of having an affair with during their marriage, is also on location.
Arquette left rehab on January 30 after almost a month treating alcohol addiction and ‘other issues.’ After leaving the facility, Cox said: ‘I really admire David and his choice to take charge and better his life.  I love and support him.’ He separated from the former Friends star in October but told chat show host Oprah Winfrey last week that he had hopes the pair would reunite.