Dia Mirza on tiger conservation: It is not just an emotional appeal

Mumbai, July 30 (IANS) On International Tiger Day on Wednesday, actress Dia Mirza says we need the big cat for our survival.

"It is not just our responsibility. We need tigers in order to survive and prosper," said Dia, a self-confessed tiger lover.

"In order to protect our tigers, we have to protect their natural habitats. We have to restore undisturbed forest areas into which tigers can find a safe haven," she added.

For her, tiger conservation is "not just an emotional appeal".

"The economic benefits of tiger reserves are unimaginable. From employment to fuel to fodder to soil conservation to climate regulation to tourism, the tangible and intangible benefits are countless. This effort is being led by a selfless community of wildlife officers and forest rangers who are working tirelessly to save our tigers and reserves. I salute their efforts. Every Indian must salute their efforts," she added.

Dia was speaking as at a webinar to support tiger conservation efforts by the Andhra Pradesh Forest Department.

As part of her efforts, she directed a short video in 2016 as the Ambassador for Sanctuary Asia's Tiger Conservation, for the Kids For Tigers campaign. The video highlighted the message of tiger and environment conservation.