Divine Connection rocks Chennai

The winner of MTV Rockon 2010, Divine Connection a popular gospel rock band from Nagaland performed in Chennai on August 20 and 21 at New Life AG Church (NLAG), Chennai where youths from different parts of Chennai attended and had a blessed rocking time.
The band mostly performed their own compositions including It’s love, 3:45 AM, El-Roi, Wait is over, etc. A good number of Nagas and people from northeast staying in Chennai also witnessed the performance which was highly charged with great atmosphere, good music, good vibes and most of all Good News. The band performed in Chennai as a part of the two-week Live-Jam Break-Free Tour organized by NLAG Church.
The evening saw performances by local bands like Washed Clothes, praise and worship team led by Bonny Andrews, etc. The night was a blessing to all.
“As Nagas staying in Chennai, we were so proud to witness Divine Connection and the way they spread the word of God through their music especially to the youths. The band was appreciated by one and all for their skillful music playing and energetic performances. It was an awesome night to remember and we Nagas, truly are thankful to God for using talented people to spread His words through music to all those who knows Him and also to those who don’t know Him. We are proud of your achievements and may God continue to use DC for His Greatness,” said Pastor Wapangtoshi, Naga Christian Fellowship Chennai.