Do not condemn your Naga nation

NNC Member

I am constrained to write this article again, because, without knowing by themselves, some Nagas are condemning and disregarding their own Naga nation. As we love ourselves, we regard ourselves as one among men. And also, as we love our nation, we should regard our nation “Nagaland” as a nation among nations of the world. So, do not condemn your Naga nation.

But it is sad to say that most of factional leaders are condemning and disregarding Naga nation started from the formation of the so-called NSCN. The NSCN leaders falsely condemned the NNC has failed or surrendered, and now they are saying; NNC is a toothless lion or defunct, and so on. The NNC is a national body belonging to all Naga people. None of Nagais separated from the Naga national body. So, if you said, the NNC is toothless or defunct, you are condemning your own Naga nation. Because as the NNC is a Naga national body and you yourselves belong to it. But instead of condemning you should support and to restrengthen the NNC which is a bounden duty of every Naga for the NNC is not a political party nor a faction to which you should go againstit as a rival faction or political party.

All Nagas, particularly bona fide Naga youths who love the nation should understand it. Because you have a bounden duty to stand for the Naga nationalism at this juncture but not for politics like factional leaders or Indian political parties. Since, the nationalism is not a political game to achieve for one’s own leadership, but to achieve national goal. After we achieved our national goal, then only you will have times to play politics. But now, as we are striving to achieve our national goal, that is recognizing our nation by the world as an independent nation, we have to speak in unison voice as a nationthrough the body of Naga nation, then only our voice will be like the weight of a mountain, not light a feather of bird.