Does free and fair elections take place in Nagaland?

Filafi Fithu: Lately we’ve all been hearing about the unlawful activities that take place on voting days like booth capturing, physical violences, forcefully removing minority voters from the line, snatching away of voters slips etc etc while queued up to vote. Does everyone everywhere (be it from majority or minority) get to exercise their legal right to vote free and fair without threats? If no, should the government not do something about this prevalent menace if we are to claim we are a democracy? Or are we comfortable and satisfied with the system and let it be? Sadly let’s be honest, we can’t rely on administration to ensure free and fair elections.  

While some candidates take the high road and exercise maximum restraint in order to ensure free and fair elections for the interest of democracy their opponents on the other hand might take it as weakness because they are more comfortable in doing things the “Might is Right” way, thereby endorsing such unlawful means. We can all agree that this has been happening in many corners of Nagaland.  

Do you think the government of the day and its agencies should take this matter seriously and do something about it? Do you think they will care enough to do something about it?  

Currently, CCTV cameras are installed inside the polling booths to ensure one person one vote (which is very vital). Do you also think installing them outside the polling booths is a necessary tool to ensuring free and fair elections in our state? CCTV cameras are not expensive, they come as cheap as phones. Unless these offenses are made punishable and therefore recorded, the concept of free and fair elections is a sham in our state. What are your thoughts, friends?

Somebody, anybody let's do something about our poor ground conditions together

Shatilo Kent Kati: Enough of excuses on the weather department phulizzzzz...  

Forget about playing on proper playing ground conditions we are not able to provide proper ground conditions for even training purposes  

The last time I posted of the photos of the turfs from Germany at IG Stadium left at the mercy of the sun and rain I was threatened but atleast after my update they covered it up with their available resources.  

People have gone to the moon and back and we are still hoping for a proper ground for our kids to prosper  

Whereas in Kohima we have two major grounds and one is occupied for keeping requisitioned cars for elections and High School ground is lying in tatters ...

*Playing ground is not a place to park.

*Playing ground is not a place to practice driving.

*Playing ground is not a place to dump your building materials.

*Playing ground is not a place to party and dump your bottles and cans.

*Playing ground is not a place for Mela's and Expo's.

*Playing ground is for playing and players practicing in the grounds should not be chased out for playing in the ground.  

I hope the concerned people, authorities, and landowners look into it and provide ample opportunities for our juniors and kids to prosper.