Drew Barrymore has no intentions of embracing her grays yet

Drew Barrymore has no intentions of embracing her grays yet

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Los Angeles, February 6 (IANS) Actress and talk show host Drew Barrymore says she can't give up colouring her hair just yet.

"I do love that it's trending and looks so beautiful and is like a fashion statement," she told people.com of women leaning into their natural hair colour.

"But I just don't feel ready to go down that road."

Barrymore, who has been coloring her hair at home for years and who recently launched her own hair shade, jokes that these days she knows she has a lot gray hairs, it's just a matter of if and when she chooses to show them off.

"It's almost a bronze," she says of her hair colour, for which she graces the box for the first time.

"It's not too light. Light is something I can't do anymore because of the maintenance. I can't deal with roots, roots, roots."

Barrymore adds that while she's here for a little maintenance when it comes to her hair, she feels the opposite when it comes to getting work done on her face.

"Never say never, but I haven't resorted to it yet," she says of getting injectables or fillers.

"I'm going to maintain that for as long as possible. Because I'm not only interested in seeing myself as a Just For Men ad, but also as an old leather bag."

While Barrymore's joking, but she does note that because of her addictive personality, she's nervous about getting into topical treatments and plastic surgery.

"I fear I would continue to chase that, and be like, now this, and that."

After years of a wild Hollywood ride, Barrymore knows that most important thing is to be healthy and happy.

"I saw something from Cindy Crawford on her social saying that she embraced aging. That's such positive, healthy messaging. She was like, it means you're here, that you're alive, that you're living," Barrymore said.