Educational Extortion in Nagaland

GL Khing: FOR PRINCIPALS, STUDENTS & PARENTS:- Selection Exams for Cl. X & XII are over in most of the Schools in Nagaland. I still wonder as to why the Schools have to collect money under numerous reasons or agreement with parents. Eg.: Caution deposit, Coaching fee, Re-exam fee (if failed in 2/3 subjects), etc... Many parents must be paying `6000 - `10000 or even more. The amount is big enough for many poor parents. Students who pass selection exams pay less amount, with-held students are forced to pay more. In other words, payment is done according to the performance of the Students. Is money equivalent to intellectual caliber? Parents pay the amount blindly to the School as required for the sake of the children. Yet, most money collections are unnecessary and illegal. Few points to ponder upon by all:- (i) If a student has paid tuition fee for 12 months, do they still need to pay coaching fee? (ii) If they are to pay security deposit, do the School return the money with interest after 5/6 months of holding the money? (Eg. Security deposit per student `2000 × 100 Students = 200000/- only). (iii) Can a student pass his/her exam by paying re-exam fees? (in case re-exam is held under payment) I believe this is not true education at all. May be our educational system is heading towards 'monetary gain' rather than FORMATION OF STUDENTS. If any Parent or Student is a victim of this 'educational extortion', I am sure you will realize more and more the darker side of educational institutions in Nagaland in the days to come. What is necessary must be made necessary. What is not necessary need not be forced upon/implemented. CHOOSE WISELY & ACT DELIGENTLY. God Bless..  

Eddie Patton: I have this opinion long time back; there must be a mechanism to control the exorbitant rate of fees in private schools. The govt must dictate and regulate the fees so as to enable less burden to the parents. These days for the sake of providing education, the parents are sucked high and dry till the bone marrow. Having said that, the project works to the students are so difficult even for a parents with master degrees. Marks given based in project work are absurd because the project is done by the parents.  

The present students are robot in figure in regard to the classroom environment. Big shame to our education system.  

Krocha NK: Likewise parents pay the whole fee from January to December. They don't skip paying for holiday period too. Coaching are arranged by schools not only for the benefit of the school but the reputation of the school to get good results or 100% in board exams.  

I am assuming that teachers of 10-12 classes are informed in advance that they will be required to be there for the coaching classes in advance as it happens in every school and they are paid for it.  

I speak this as a parent who doesn't have the luxury to spend money like others. As stated, the school authorities should inform the teachers of higher classes well in advance if this is not done. There is no question of leaves lapse or sacrificing if they (teachers) are informed in advance and agreed to abide by the school regulations. Let's see what google says about tuition and coaching, "Tuition is helpful till primary education where student find difficulty in any one or two subjects.

•Teaching or instruction, especially of individual pupils or small groups.   Coaching is study of all the subjects under one roof. This term was initially adopted for exams like UPSC, CAT, CDS etc where knowledge of everything on or off is required which is not possible to gather all alone

.• Coaching is a form of development in which a person called a coach supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance." To sum it up, tuition fees and coaching fees should be charged as one payment only. No institution should charge a student twice. I'll rather choose tuition any day if I go with the definition of the two terms.  

eo Chase Truth is always painful. Donations and Deposits has become an obstacle and a burden to the common folk. Day-light robbery has become a trend in our society. We throw the blame on the political leaders for many of our grievances which is perhaps an injustice. Many of the Educational institutions have also become masters in robbing in the form of donations and deposits. I don't understand why reaching class 10 /12 one has to pay extra, are there not 12 months in a year??? Are institutions taking a contract to teach the students only till selection examinations??? I don't understand why a coaching fee...most schools in Nagaland begin their academic session only by February or March??? Don't the institution collect the tuition fee from January-December??? A very suttle wisdom has been employed by educational to confuse the mass and rob them without their knowledge...  

Amen Jamir: Schools are also another extortionist in the form of fees. Those students who can pay the amount slated by the schools get through and that's why QUALITY of education is compromised over money.   Student bodies should actually checked on such corrupted money minded schools, but sad that student leaders don't give a hoot. Those days,till late 90's the DNSU and NSF always keep a check on such illegal extortions by schools.  

Then during our schooling days, Tuition fees was 200-300/- ,Coaching fees was 100-300/- ,late fees was just 5-10 /-   But today no teachers charges below 1000/- even for an hour tuition for 3 days in a week. Coaching fees not below 5k and late fine is 100/- above. School is the most profitable business today.  

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