ENSF to continue stir despite govt appeal

Minphong Konyak
Mon | July 17

In continuation with the “pen-down” strike observed on July 16, in the districts of “Eastern” Nagaland against the appeal for 25% job reservation, ENSF said that they would continue a harsher stir from tomorrow for two days. “Yesterday was just a slight poke at the government to draw their attention to our cause but they have not apprised us of any development till today, so we are going to adopt a new strategy from tomorrow”, said an ENSF official. As announced earlier, ENSF said that all government, business, private institutions will be shut down. Even movement of pedestrians would be completely restricted. Large numbers of students have been mobilized for tomorrow’s agitation.

Meanwhile, in the afternoon an appeal letter addressed to the Deputy Commissioner, Tuensang and president of the ENSF was received. It stated that a joint meeting of ENPO, ENLU and ENGOA was held at DUDA Guest House yesterday which intensely discussed the ongoing agitation. The house supported and appreciated the demand on the grounds that it was a “generational issue” which needed to be resolved. Further as per the commitment letter signed by Ministers Noke and Surhozulie for implementation of the reservation, the house resolved to appeal to the ENSF to suspend the agitation and wait for the review committee report. Meanwhile the elected members have assured to put pressure on the Government in fulfilling the ENSF demand

On being asked about the letter, ENSF and KSU officials said that Nagaland Government was good in words only. ‘We are used to their ways and old tricks, now only after we have started our agitation they are talking of review committee and what not, what were they doing when we made our appeal?’ said an ENSF official. “We are fed up of their false promises and we are not going to bow down at this silly letter which bears no genuine implication or legality, we will continue our agitation and people should blame the Government for its failure and not us” added another official. ENSF strongly stated that they will be satisfied only when the bill is passed in the Cabinet and nothing else. ENSF will hold an emergency meeting at Tuensang on July 21, it stated.

Meanwhile the federation urged upon the general mass to bear and support the cause stating that whatever they were doing it was for the future of the so-stated “Eastern” Nagaland districts.