Exclude Nagaland from UCC purview: NTUCT

DIMAPUR, JUNE 30 (MExN): Voicing out against the Uniform Civil Code (UCC), the Naga Tribal Union Chümoukedima Town (NTUCT) on Friday said implementation of UCC would be a direct infringement of Article 371 (A) of the Indian Constitution which is a special provision inserted to protect the religious and social practices of the Nagas. 

In a representation addressed to the Law Commission of India, the NTUCT said the Nagas unique tribal traditions and its culture is of paramount importance for the people of Nagaland and any perceived or intent to alter and make encroachment upon the protected cultural and religious autonomy is a threat to the protected provision enshrined upon by the Indian Constitution and to the Naga people. 

It said any attempt to impose UCC is a betrayal of trust and hope for the minorities especially tribal communities for whom the constitutional provision has been provided to protect and promote ethnic custom values and sense of identity. 

However, since the implementation process of UCC is at a nascent stage, the NTUCT has urged the Government of India and members of the 22nd law commission to reconsider the matter and exclude Nagaland state from the purview in the event the UCC is enforced. 

It called for standing steadfast and committed in protecting and safeguarding the unique history of the Nagas as recognized and declared by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.