Few ‘diehard’ politicians refusing ‘ground reality’

Dimapur, July 18 (MExN): Goa Governor Dr. SC Jamir is an “enigmatically dangerous and destructive” leader who is more an “obstructionist” that the nationalist image he presents himself to be, the NSCN-IM in a press release stated. 

“Election in Nagaland is not far off and Jamir know too when to strike by way of projecting a new image of himself” observed an NSCN-IM MIP issue. The “habit” of Dr Jamir projecting a “wrong picture” of the Naga political movement is no secret at all, the NSCN-IM stated. It cited an instance: During the ongoing ceasefire, Dr. Jamir “has all along been making a futile effort to disengage the people from having genuine consultations with the Collective Leadership by smearing all sorts of negative on the Collective Leadership’s attitude and approach.” 

The Goa Governor even goes to the extent of suggesting to the government of India to station maximum number of Army units in Nagaland, the NSCN-IM alleged. “This only goes to prove his image as a greatest obstructionist figure on the road to Naga solution” the organization stated. The NSCN-IM termed as irony that a few “diehard” politicians like Dr SC Jamir and others refused to go along with the “ground reality.” 

Further, the booklet ‘The Bedrock of the Naga Society’ published under the ‘cover’ of Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee is an “exact replica of the obstructionist personality of Jamir who will do anything under the sky to mudsling the Naga issue.” The NSCN-IM added that “as part of his never-ending criticism” against the Collective Leadership, Dr. SC Jamir is “again desperate” to gain upper hand in the interpretation and application of the concept of sovereignty in the “Naga context.” However, this time around he may find it hard to hoodwink the Nagas on the issue concerning sovereignty, the MIP added.