Five thieves assault elderly Naga

Dimapur, January 20 (MExN): An elderly Naga man is reported to have been assaulted by five Assamese thieves on January 13 in Merapani village in the Assam-Nagaland border. Thungchumo Khenchung is said to have been assaulted by the thieves after he found them stealing firewood from his land in the village. Khenchung is said to have been unconscious for three days at metro Hospital in Dimapur.
A concerned citizen today informed of the incident and expressed anger that while the Assam government had security in place the Nagas in the border have none. “The border dispute between Assam and Nagaland doesn't seem to be at ease as now the people of Assam has started to enter freely in our land and even started assaulting our own people,” citizen EM Odyuo said in a note.  
According to Odyuo, Thungchumo Khenchung was assaulted by five Assamese thieves who were found stealing firewood in the forest. Thungchumo was told by a neighbour that some men were stealing firewood in their forest and had rushed to see it. He found them stealing firewood and reprimanded them, the note said.
In reaction the five thieves snatched Thungchumo’s gun and gave a heavy blow to his head with the gun. The victim received two wounds that needed 17 stitches and his little finger in the right hand was broken. “He was later admitted in Metro Hospital in Dimapur where he was said to be unconscious for three days. He was later discharged on 19th January 2011,” the citizen said.
“When we all know that the border areas are very much sensitive area why is the Nagaland government not providing any security to its people whereas the Assam government provide security to its people? Till now there is not even a single Nagaland security forces posted in Merapani which is a very sensitive area,” citizen Odyuo stated.  
The government and the authorities in concern are strongly reminded to immediately look into the matter and a strict action should be taken against the criminals.