FootHill Road

Kevin Yepthomi Naga

Even after more than fifty years of statehood, and we are yet to witness good roadways in Nagaland. Right from farmers unable to transport their produce, to patients dying before reaching hospitals, and public spending crores of Rupees in repairing their vehicles damaged by what we call ‘roads’.  

It is appreciable to witness that an apex tribal body such as the Lotha Hoho has stepped in to make sure that quality road construction is the top priority. Even in Western Sumi area land owners freely donated land.  

If the leaders in Wokha alongwith the public rise up today to demand what is due to them for decades, then this significant step will motivate the rest of Nagas also to stand up and make sure that any contractor or company which is constructing any project should strictly adhere to the specifications or guidelines for construction. The apex & youth organisations have every right to become the monitoring agency of such projects in our land because if we continue to compromise on the quality of such critical infrastructure projects, the public will continue to suffer immensely and lead to further deterioration of our state as a whole!  

We have come to a point where the true leaders should not remain mute spectators but become part of all development works in our state without any compromise in quality!  

The best example happening in front of our eyes is the case of the company NHIDCL which has got the project of constructing a two-lane highway to Wokha. Despite repeated appeals and meetings, the cries of the people & even of the apex organisation seem to be falling into deaf ears which is a big insult to the people of the district and the state.  

This project is a testing ground and set a standard for road construction in the state and the entire State is keenly watching on whether justice will be served and whether we the people will get to travel in better roads in our lifetime. No compromises should be made and no company should be allowed to step on our heads.  

If we the people along with our leaders demand good roads which should be built strictly in accordance to the specifications then the people have every right to file a Public Interest Litigation in the interest of the public. A good road is the first and foremost priority of our state which can open up the path towards a more prosperous and progressive Nagaland.  

All that the people demand is good roads. Is it too much to ask?  

This step taken by Lotha Hoho should be replicated by other Hohos and sign MOUs with the construction companies for monitoring quality of construction as per the standard specifications without which a PIL should simply follow on non-adherence to quality project implementation.  


Peter Rutsa

Tribalism is when we publicly display our pride for the private and personal achievements of members of our tribe, yet fail to express our shame for the social misdeeds of our community members.  

Tribalism is when tribal organisations consider even random acts of injustice against one of their member(s) as an act/insult against the whole community, but disappear from the scene and refuse to accept responsibility when members of other tribes happen to be a victim of injustice or crime committed by their members.  

Tribalism is when we rush to felicitate the promotions and appointments of individuals from our respective tribes into the government sector. Individuals, who are neither promoted for the community nor appointed for the community, but to serve each and every citizen of the state.  

Tribalism is when tribal hohos, unions and associations decide to keep in abeyance their ultimatums to 'the Government' because the head of the concerned department or legislator In charge of that defaulting/non-performing department at that point of time happens to be one of theirs.  

Tribalism is when tribal institutions decide to give ultimatums to 'the government' or the 'chief minister' and not the defaulting department since the HOD or Legislator incharge of it happens to be from their tribe.   Tribalism is when we support underground factions simply because members of our tribe are in majority or hold various positions of authority and influence in the particular group.  

Tribalism is when we refuse to talk of the glaring failings of our own tribe on social media but waste no time to highlight the shortcomings in the others.   Tribalism is when we insist the plural reference 'Naga' is used when members of our tribe are signalled out for unpleasant incidences. Yet we bask with pride and decide not to object when our singular tribal identity is referred to for pleasant and positive events.  

Tribalism is when traditional and community institutions congratulate politicians from their community for their electoral success but fail to confront them for their failures in governance.  

Kinoka Walter Zhimomi

Sometimes a sense of false pride and false belief is created by our own elders and community leaders. I don't wish to use the word tribalism because we are too small and minute as an ethnic group to be divided based on tribes. But if you ever feel that you are superior or stronger just because you happen to be from a particular tribe. You are misguided and that's where 'Tribalism' originates.  

David Jamir

We all abhor evil of others and vengeance none negotiable and mitigate but give blind eyes to a same tribal person or officers. If justice was and is the common goal I have no doubt Naga people will prosper. There will be less tribal factions and we will not allow politicians to play against one another. There will be less economic disparity because well being of all will be the goal. If our Christian faith and daily confession cannot bring tangible transformation then we have no other option. Faith must unite us but it hasn’t. Our prayers are not bringing us closer. Our churches don’t seem to strive to bring us together but work on silos.  

Manpang Wangyen

We all are still tribesmen recently transformed from half naked to jeans. We are prospering as a society thus far... People will keep learning and developing positive vibes and virtues from people as like Peter Rutsa.  

Tribalism will eventually cease to exist with civilisation and not with advancement. In the end, we will need our tribes to study/show cast its own distinct culture, tradition, folklore, folksongs, folk dance etc. only.