Good Mothers Build Strong Family and Strong Nations

Mother’s day celebrated throughout the world. And mostly it is celebrated on the second week of May. Most of the countries Mother’s Day is celebrated on 2nd week of May every year only a few of the countries celebrated on the fourth week of May. India is one among the nations who celebrated Mother’s Day on the 2nd week of May.
In India the first Mother’s Day was celebrated in Mumbai (previous Bombay).
Mother plays an important role in the family. The word mother comes from the Latin mater where ma means “breast” and with the suffix ter makes the word breast feeder. So the simplest meaning for mother is breast feeder.
Mother nurtures the family. She bares all the sufferings to make the family bright. She never ever led the children down. Her focus for the family is to make stronger and stronger. Her words are stronger than the storm. Her tender care and soft words settle down the family in harmony. Nobody knows the pain she has but saw only the sweet smile on her face. Her smile and sweet voice takes away the sorrowness from me and filled with joy.  No man can carry the load as she is for her patient is stronger than the strength of man. Anna Jarvis founded Mother’s in the year 1912 at United States not only specified on her mother but on universal to pay a high veneration on mother for her dedication on family.
You are at the top of the world today is not because of your abilities but because of her unseen prayer that was before you were and after you born till today. Nobody realized that we have a great debt to our mother. Today, her tears, her sweat and her blood put me at the top of the world. On the other side I also realized that many of us are celebrating without mother on this very Day for she has left us for the abode in heaven. she is waiting for us. In the sight of the world it is a painful to celebrate without her but remember God has promised us that He will never forsake nor leave us. Psalmist said (Psalm 27:10) even though my mother and father have left us alone God….He will be our father and mother…He will never leave us alone.
As the saying says that “Behind every successful man there is a strong women” it is also true that behind any stable family and a nation, there is a strong woman. Any nation that wishes to stand out and be strong should look at the way women are treated and empowered.   When women are empowered and still maintain family values, nations prosper. Today, in our Naga society if we want to be strong and move forward for the bright future we need a GOOD MOTHER. And the good mother can come the way how we empower them and they way how far we have rooted our faith in Christ. Remember if we don’t love God we don’t love our mother.
Friends, brothers and sisters come….joint with me to celebrate Mother’s Day. “long live mothers”…. May God continue to bless so that His blessing can flow out from you to the entire nations.

Rakmingam A. Shimry
Asian Mission College , Kohima