The Good Samaritan Project helping the needy in Mokokchung

The Good Samaritan Project helping the needy in Mokokchung
The Good Samaritan Project helping the needy in Mokokchung

Good Samaritan project in Mokokchung has been helping daily wage earners, stranded students, the sick and the needy during this lockdown project. 

Limasenla Jamir 
Mokokchung | May 4 

The lockdown of the nation has in many ways affected the lives of the people in the entire nation. With no or limited sources to earn for their livelihood, the daily wage earners have been hit the hardest in Mokokchung district. 

The Christ Church Mokokchung along with some well wishers initiated ‘The Good Samaritan Project’ (TGSP) in Mokokchung town. The project was started with a vision to help the people especially the daily wage earners, stranded students, the sick and the needy who are badly affected by the pandemic.

The project started on April 6 and it is continuing till date. The project identifies the people who are in most need of assistance and provides them with financial assistance as well as with ration. “When the lockdown began, the government and many NGOs gave assistance to the needy and many focused on the migrant daily wage earners in town. However, the sad reality is that there are a lot of our own people who are daily wage earners and whose lives have been affected so much by the pandemic,” said Limaonen Imchen, member of the project.

Imliwapang and Limaonen spearhead the TGSP and along with other members, and they have been delivering ration and assistance to the needy ever since the lockdown began. The project collects money from well wishers and donors and so far they have given financial assistance to more than seventy families. The project also collaborated with the CRPF, Mokokchung in providing free packed food to the needy people in town. 

More than 800 families have received the packed food provided by CRPF and the Good Samaritan Project has been helping in home delivering as well as giving away the packed food at certain points around town. 

The project members talked about the real sufferings of the people that they witnessed through the project to The Morung Express.

 “We came across a lot of families who are really struggling to make it through this pandemic. We were really happy to help this family where the husband is a daily wage earner who is stuck in Tuensang and the wife has to take care of their two month old baby and also her mother-in-law with no food and money at home,” Imliwapang narrated.

“We helped this family where the father is a well-digger and has seven children and also a widow with five children who earns her living by weaving. We also provided assistance to a grandmother in her early 70’s who is taking care of her sick bedridden son and all her grandchildren,” he added. 

The project has helped needy families, students from other districts who are staying in rent houses and also sick persons.
“With many families having many children and the parents unable to provide even basic necessities, we have referred the names of the children to Childline, Mokokchung, who are also helping them,” Limaonen supplemented.

TGSP is continuously locating people who are in need and have been investing their time in contributing and fighting against the virus through their noble cause, members informed.

“Our people are struggling. Our people are in dire need of help. We often fail to see the reality and struggles of our own people. We realize the struggles only when we see it with our own eyes and when we listen to them,” Limaonen said. 
With their small cause, the TGSP hoped they would be able to help lighten the burden of the already burdened masses.