Hanghu responds to Wangyuh

I am heart and soul of Nyiewang, Minister School Education & SCERT Nagaland. It is y duty to speak out the details and clear before the people of Nagaland to judge the statement issued on 20.6.09 by former MP Wangyuh Konyak alleged that Nyeiwang Konyak has given cheque to Honpa Konyak, Pastor (Yanyu Baptist Church) he has not mentioned the cheque number and minister has not known a particular church Pastor allegation level against the minister is totally wrong and baseless being a responsible leader neither elected or not elected should respect each other, bust such allegation should not be repeated. People will judge the truth, if I am not mistaken the use of emblem (Ashok Chakhra) by a non elected member nor Govt. officer is not entitled, every body knows better.

The Minister and his party strongly condemned such allegation without knowing the facts/cross & coins being a leader everybody should understand what democracy is. In democracy no one can become a member of Legislative Assembly without the people mandate.

I wish every body should educate through this press statement not be baseless allegations in 21st century.

Hanghu Konyak
CEC Member, 47th A/C Aboi
& G.S, NPF Kohima