Harmful effects of smartphones on children

Dr Ramita Sougrakpam

Smartphones and technological gadgets has made our life easier and are boon for human beings. But are also bane to our lives. Everywhere people are seen glued to their phones. As gadgets keep kids occupied, elders too may find it convenient to make them use as they get the time to complete their chores. Many children are introduced to these gadgets during their childhood to listen to music, play games, chat with their friends and they follow social media as they grow up.  

(RF) Radiofrequency radiation is used by cell phones to send signal. Heating is the effect of this in prolonged use of smartphone. Children are highly vulnerable to the bad effects of smartphones as their bodies are still developing. Phone addiction may leads to poor academic performance as they fail to pay attention while studying. The screen emits a blue light that can be damaging to human eyes. Looking at night before bed can make our sleep less effective as blue light can suppress the amount of melatonin released.

Younger children are exposed to impossible beauty standards on social media, presenting an overall unrealistic expectation. This may also be one reason why some teens develop anxiety and depression symptoms. It is common place to compare with their peers and to even post content in a certain manner to gain more engagement. They may encounter a variety of inappropriate behaviour in internet which may have a negative effect on their mental health.

Therefore, we could ensure our children aren’t exposed to smartphones until they’re able to process its images and messages. Try setting reasonable limits on screen time while they are young. Check in frequently as they get older to make sure they know they’re loved and have worth regardless of how many likes and follows they have when they started using social media. 

The writer is Assistant Professor in the Department of Zoology SJC (A)