Heavens and earth are created by God and are existing by His life, wisdom and power. Human life, wisdom and power are by the life, wisdom and power of God. Living being of human species is humankind and humankind is a family and all human beings irrespective of races, colours and languages are of human family.

There is one Creator and the Creator is the LORD and FATHER of human family. Human beings have confusion because of lack of clarity about human relationship with God and about human family.

As fish needs water to live, all human beings have to have relationship with the CREATOR because human beings apart from relationship with the CREATOR is a derailment of peaceful life and to have relationship with God is possible only by actually knowing Him, believing in Him, fearing Him and obeying Him. So the law of relationship with God is “KNOW GOD, BELIEVE IN HIM, FEAR HIM AND OBEY HIM.”

God is the Creator and giver of all things. Human beings are the beneficiaries of God’s gifts alone. Man has a limit of himself and is not a resource beyond his limit. Man can be a vessel of either God or Satan. God’s vessels are messengers of good news, saviours, builders, light of the world and comforters. Satanic vessels are messengers of terror, fear and destroyers of human lives. The attempts of the world to bring about peace have been a failure because seeking to have the right relationship with God is never included as an agenda in the resolution for peace.

It is very comfortable to say that on the platform of acknowledgement of the law of relationship with God, all human beings on the earth are accessible to one another and have freedom of fellowshipping with one another and share opinions and thoughts with one another in true love for all without discrimination and barriers of any sort. Many terrorists will become real brothers and sisters in the family of humankind. If the people seek to have relationship with God, it is the way of human security in all aspects of human life. The hope of the world rests on having relationship with the Creator.