Hornbill Organisers- Either do it right or Stop embarassing us

Atsung Imchen: First, what are the criteria for those members who make the decision on what will be what for this event? Seeing the way things have been planned and orchestrated it seems like people are just plucked from the streets to make decision for this event. We have lot of useless Ministers and so and so people visiting other countries for educational tours, can’t we arrange one for those who are part of managing this event? Or maybe seek professional help as well? We are at an infant state when it comes to Tourism lets not get ahead of ourselves?  

There are already tourist venting their frustration online and offline on how poorly the entire event has been organized and for crying out loud who or which group are the geniuses that came up with the idea of segregating the Hornbill festival?? Like what is wrong up there? It’s as ridiculous as being told to have my dinner in Kohima and Sleep in Dimapur. If the idea is to give visibility to other districts then shift the venue yearly what is up with dividing the events? There is a reason why people visiting from other places are called TOURIST- They have limited days and are on Budget.  

There is a voice recording of a frustrated tourist going around in whatsapp and her points are straight on the dot she is not one of those nagging tourist, it’s a tourist who makes more sense than what we are delivering now. It’s HORNBILL FESTIVAL OF NAGALAND, though its equally important that other states and other traditions are also highlighted as the organizers deems fit but the first 3-4 days should emphasize on the traditional and cultural elements of the NAGA people, they came to the Naga people, to see our culture if they want to see other things HELLO!!! They will go there why would they come to Nagaland?  

Transportation – Well we have the tourist police what else can go wrong, right? They will carry the tourist on their backs and go to Kisama since the Taxi fares are not regulated I am sure the prices will have touched the rate of a Mercedes hire. Not just for the tourist but for the locals as well a bus service with regulated rates would be a BOON no? Not sure what steps and checks are being done by ANTA for the taxi fares, there are still some days left any arrangement will ease the Frustration.  

Plus whoever is manning the websites for the HORNBILL festival- FIRE THEM if they cannot even respond to the queries sent by tourist what is the use of those people?   Don’t even think about coming back with “OH! We are putting so many efforts, sleepless nights etc etc” When you are doing a shitty job, you get shitty feedback, moreover if you are not cut out for the job who Forced you to take it up?  

Please remember the only source of generating revenue for the state are the tourist not the local. Take their feedbacks seriously

Peter Rutsa: Keep on writing and discussing corruption, back door appointments, illegal taxation, nepotism, tribalism and all the things harming Nagaland on social media and in the print media. It is social media activism that has brought about and effected the most changes for good in Nagaland, directly and indirectly.  

Social media is misused by many, but social media is the perfect tool to educate, enlighten and effect changes in a society and state like ours.  

Be it political parties, politicians, political workers, law enforcement, bureaucrats, other government servants, undergrounds, NGO's, public service providers, business community etc whoever are in the wrong..  

Their number one fear is social media and the print media. Not CBI, RTI, SIB, IB or each other.  

Another avoidable aspect of Hornbill festival.  

VIP culture in Nagaland which has been curbed to a very appreciable extend by the GON/PDA has been released in all its glory at Kisama.  

Zhekheli Zhimomi: What a super shame artificial Hornbill festival is bringing to Nagas! Funniest part is, the government will standstill the whole year round and overnight, one wakes up to see lipstick coated beautification of Kohima town with transplanted flowers all over to impress tourists! Superficial inside and outside, what’s more surprising is that the concerned department/organisation is not even replying to the queries of the tourists and landing them in trouble. Be it in organising, infrastructure or aesthetic wise, Nagaland is not yet prepared or fit to mann lakhs of tourist, except extracting their money by hook or by crook and globally demoralising us either for lodging mistreatments, exorbitant taxi fares, bad roads, behaviours etc. that goes viral every year and this is so frustrating. How i wish non hornbill days.  

The previous Government wants to reduce hornbill festival to 4 days, but the present Government wants it for 10 days. Sometimes i feel Nagas without even basic amenities like road, electricity, water and salaries, hornbill is rather VIPs tug of war between hotels/resorts/guest house haves and have not’s in powers, at the cost of Naga publics for generation of their income.  

Merevikho Angami: It is such an embarrassing and discouraged to hear such a kind of negative feedback from guests, from far away expending so much to visit our so called Hornbill Festival which has gone viral within a day. I have lot of questions in mind after hearing such an unexpected/unfortunate feedback but wanna called few and basic one which I doubt they really doing so.  

1. Do the organisers set up all sub-committee from smallest to biggest team assign? 2. Are they doing this for only business purpose? 3. Are they only thinking about Hornbill Festival in a short term? 4. What are the main focus area in Hornbill Festival? 5. Do we provide special transportation at least from airport to Kohima/Dimapur/Kisama? 6. There are social medias. Are they monitoring and replying to the queries/mails? First of all we really so privileged to organize Hornbill as International Festival with represent from all over the world. We shouldn't be so selfish thinking only for an interests of our own people or so called only income. But for the continuity of the Festival in a long term.  

We just have started and we can still do much better than what is now for the remaining days. We Nagas are very weak in accepting criticisms.  

However it's time we should grow up and embrace the progressive society and cultural especially when it comes to hosting tourist from far and near.   

We tend to boost about our hospitality to be almost perfect but least we know we have a welcome heart but not facilities ...Seeking of facilities, I personally feel this is a constructive criticisms at it's Best and not a single word can be deny here for sure.  

Speaking about money: money is very important subject for a traveller, be it rich or poor and more importantly when it comes to common beings and here they speaking in a prospective of a common being....  

Note: We cannot expect all our guests to be from A1 background that spends luxuriously. I pray and hope you take this note positively and improve the lacking part moving forward. Kuknalim.  

Ozu Pfokrelo Maheo: Many people agree with the foreign lady's tourist feedback and praise her but sorry I'm not with her ideology. In my opinion : She shouldn't visit Hornbill Festival of Nagaland if she think the organiser is lack of information or not replying to her e-mail or find it unsatisfactory with the organiser advertisements. Hornbill Festival is not a single community festival but it is a worldwide open festival to one and all to come and celebrate at one's wills. I think the concern department cannot reply back to all e-mails of each and personal queries. Hornbill Festival is organized to promote the whole of Nagaland state not only for Kisama.  

This year I went to Europe to witness the biggest FIFA World Cup. Oh! Coming from far away country (India) have spent lots of money and find it very inconvenient moving from one place to another for the match. Wish they should have played the entire match at the same stadium (ground) so that I could save some money or donate some dollars to the organizer. I think they will organize better in the coming year..