Inner Resource And Choice

Vemedo J Kezo
Asst. Professor, Dept. Of Education, St. Joseph’s College Jakhama  


All of us carry a buried treasure within us. Not realising that they are the potential for making our life more meaningful and resourceful. Often we have what we need to survive, cope, and be happy inside of us but we are not able to access these strengths and skills not because we don’t want but only we are not aware. Even if we are aware, we are not able to use it appropriately for our own well being and for the good of the community. Perhaps we do not have patience to listen to our inner self or do a serious soul searching about ourselves. This inner journey is still more difficult than the outer journey. As this entails humility and self acceptance and which we are not ready to do so most of the time. Therefore, we are ignorant about our own inner spring well. Our own spring well can be drawn when we are faced to be alone or when we are confronted to be alone, or when we are invited to use our resource to inspire and motivate and initiate a constructive change. But what is this ‘the inner resource’ that we are talking about?  


The inner resources are those traits which enable us to live a life of fulfilment and have a certain degree of accomplished life. These traits include, having a high degree of self esteem, self worth, self knowledge and life skills necessary for living and contributing to the society. In doing so a person finds fulfilment and accomplishment. It is also an attitude of Otherness or being a person for others and forming others to be one as well. It is also a balanced living and ability to adjust and accept change for the greater good. It is also an attribute where a person is able to enjoy solitude and also able to use time creatively and not depending on others to make him or her happy. As happiness is not an outside job but primarily an inside job of an individual. Therefore, a person who suffers certain degree of depression is not able to make use of his or her own inner resource for a meaningful living. Nobody can make us happy or unhappy without our permission remark the psychologists. This implies that the key to our fruitful and happy life lies within us.  


At some point of time of our life, we all need the help of some one, especially those who are more sensitive, with life situations and able to guide and help us to look into ourselves. Those who have theoretical knowledge and are able to supplement with life experiences can offer guidance for rediscovering our inner resource. The help of others is necessary however; the best discovery is through self journey of our own initiative. This process is also a painful process, but without looking into our naked self we will never know who we are and what we can become with the given nature and aptitudes. God has given each one of us a resource to manage our own life. Unless we go through the process of inner journey we will never reach certain degree of self knowledge. This is fundamental and important for survival. ‘It is a journey’ says Parker J.Palmer, ‘that stands a chance of taking us towards the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.’  

Another step of rediscovering our inner resource is an honest search in our root and our upbringing. We can never change what is behind but can adjust our sail on the basis of our past experience. No experience is in vain, it always teaches us to be stronger and firmer and sharper. Victor Frankle, the survivor, of the Nazi concentration camp and the founder of Logo therapy opines that however the experience is painful, and horrible we can also choose that experience, as navigation force to guide our path even better. It is in this context, that we need to accept our past, whatever situation we may have undergone, but we have a choice to be what we can become. This is the meaning and fruit of looking backward with complete detachment but with an eye to learn and re-asses our Self. It is not looking with bitterness but retrospecting to reorient our life. The inner resources become more visible only when we are able to have certain degree of self knowledge. In the words of Chris Lowney, it is like ‘loose cannon with plenty of firepower but no clear target’ to shoot. We may have lot of resources within, but without self knowledge we become loose cannons with fire power, without a clear target to shoot.  


Most of the time, we live somebody’s life and we are not authentic to our inner self. As long as we are not true to our inner self and make appropriate choice for our own meaningful living we can never be at peace within. Every individual comes with a message to write and create life of his or her own. Therefore, this basic knowledge of self comes to help a person to make an appropriate choice, a choice that will define and recreate his or her self. It is through the process of creating and recreating ourselves, that we discover life more accomplishing and meaningful-nay fruitful.   We are not destined to live in one particular arena when things are not fine with us. There is always an alternative to chose and decide on the basis of our own inner self. This is what gives life a meaning. This is what differentiates humans from the animal kingdom. The ability to choose, what we want to become, is always the prerogative of every human person.  


This inner resource is applicable in guiding the youngsters how to find their vocation and career. Therefore, we need this approach to help the youngster discover what they are good at and what they are interested and capable of. In this way, we can do much more justice in teaching and guiding them to really discover who really they are. The greatest journey on this earth is not only how much and what we have achieved but realizing what are meant to be and living that dream. Suffice to say, this is the goal and destiny of every individual.